Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Man's Guide To Women

You're welcome.

H/T: M.H.


  1. That was funny. Especially the tranny part.

    1. Yeah...if she's smokin' hot AND totally sane...she's a dude.


  2. ROARING with laughter here! Mainly because there's mare than a little truth in it...

    I wonder, should I post that on FB and offend all me lady 'friends'? Hehehehe

  3. I'm almost crying I'm so frustrated. I WAS murderously pissed I'm suicidal. I just can NOT make this fucking blogger site and/or computer work tonight. I've even signed in through a different browser because Firefox was so fucked up I wanted to stab myself in the neck with a broken wine glass. And then Google ate my comment and now I'm typing it for the FIFTH FUCKING TIME!

    Jesus Christ. I was almost a candidate for the tranny...or at least the unicorn (or so my hubby said)...and now I'm completely fucking insane.

    Anywho...this video reminds me of Dimitri Martin.