Monday, June 2, 2014

Why I will never own a Jack Russell terrier.

Because I'm not smart enough to build one of these.

And those little dogs are crazy busy every second of the day. They are the original ADHD sufferers.


  1. The neurotic feral Tomcat I rescued from a paper mill is too stupid
    to do this, but it would him busy for hours!

    Spent $400 getting the little bastard cured of all that ailed him. Planned
    to take him back and get the "Unkind cut," but as much as he loves me,
    I cannot pick him up or take him outside. I have a 4" scar on my right
    forearm from just picking him up. I have learned to just give him is space!

  2. You could try trapping him. HAHA!

    When we lived in Half Moon Bay, we were right out on the headlands overlooking a public beach with acres of open land next to us. It was Kitty Dumping Grounds. We rescued, trapped and spaded/neutered 18 cats before we turned the corner on the population and started to get the numbers down. A few of them actually became pretty decent yard pets. They never came in the house...and could NEVER be picked up.