Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric Cantor Beaten by Nazi Sympathizer!

The Third Reich rises again.

It was big news that the Majority Leader of the House was spanked and sent home yesterday. Such big -- UNEXPECTEDLY BIG -- news that the media was spinning like a four year old in a princess costume trying to make her skirts stand out straight from her body. The answer COULD NOT BE that the voters were tired of the lies and the hypocrisy and the you'll-take-it-and-like-it amnesty deals that Cantor had been pushing.


That. Could. Not. Be.

Because Eric Cantor is Jewish, you realize.

And David Brat once wrote that Hitler's rise could happen all over again.


There you have it.

(know what I mean?...know what I mean?...nudge...nudge...say no more) Although they will say more. The press will be beating this dead horse until the election, doing everything in their power to paint the dark horse, Brat, as a total right-wing jackass braying insanely about white supremacy and the rise of the Fatherland. Brat beat Cantor on immigration, so obviously Brat is a racist and a supremacist and hater of all that's holy -- and so are all the people who voted for him. Clearly Eric Cantor's defeat is evidence that everyone on the right are insane Jooooo haters looking for Hitler to rise again and finish the job.

But Victor Davis Hanson has a different take:

Eric Cantor’s luck ran out, when his long insistence of pushing immigration-reform legislation finally coincided with a massive and sudden rush of thousands to the U.S. border from Central America. That lining up of the planets explains why a good but obscure candidate beat a supposedly invincible insider.
There are a number of elements to the illegal-immigration debate that really tick off people of all races and classes and drive them to the polls in a way the alliance of the Chamber of Commerce and La Raza activists can never comprehend. One, the issue really has become an elite/mass split. The left-wing identity-politics crowd knows that such huge numbers of illegal immigrants preclude easy assimilation and integration. They like that, given that they are self-appointed representatives of millions of new in-need constituents. And they don’t care whether illegal immigration is disastrous to the working American poor, among them millions of Hispanics — a fact that once caused an exasperated Cesar Chavez and the UFW to go down to the border to demand an end to unchecked and unlawful immigration (was he a “nativist“?).
There is also the little matter of the law and the desire of citizens to have the laws of their country upheld by their elected representatives. But that's just crazy talk. And filled with hate. Because RACISM!!

Oh..and it's for the children. Always for the children.

President Barack Obama is calling tens of thousands of illegal-immigrant children languishing in temporary U.S. holding pens an 'urgent humanitarian situation,' but Republicans are pointing the finger of blame squarely at the White House.

Obama instituted an immigration policy that the GOP says enticed tens of thousands of Central American children to cross America's southern border illegally without any parents to guide them.

More than 33,000 have been picked up in Texas alone since October. The U.S. border patrol says its forces are overwhelmed, and the courts are bracing for a flood of immigration cases from children held in temporary detention facilities designed to handle a fraction of the numbers. Sanitation problems are beginning to rear their ugly heads.
Suffer the little children to sneak across the border and secure a place in Paradise for their parents and all their kin.

It's in the Bible.


  1. That WSJ piece was ridiculous. Brat's comments were clearly completely contrary to what Epstein was implying. A very scattershot article too , he hit everything that would be a negative with somebody that he could think of: Hitler, govt monopoly on force, libertarian, intellectual PhD professor, religious. Looks like the WSJ would rather see a D get the seat than an opponent of their open borders crony club.

    1. Things are getting serious, as they always do in the final moments of a copmplete takeover when the bad guys have to drop the masks and the lies and the sweet, sweet candy enticements and show themselves. With Cantor's defeat, the word is already out that Boehner will shove amnesty through even if it costs him is position and retire in luxury. And I kinda think it could happen. They know the people are beginning to pay attention. The next few years will decide everything.

    2. Ok..copmplete is almost as bad are remard. It would have been hilarious if I had typed cop-plete when writing about government takeovers. HAHA

  2. This just makes my point that any conservative that articulates a clear
    and concise conservative philosophy will win in a landslide. Hey GOP,
    you can win my home state of the Peoples Republic of California! You
    can win the richest prize in terms of electoral votes by being honest.

    Fire the ass-wipe campaign consultants who advise you to pander to the
    independents. A clear conservative message will not only win the middle,
    but a large percentage of centrist and conservative Democrats as well.

    1. You are exactly right. This is still a sane, freedom-loving country. But our politicians inside the beltway are complete idiots and have no idea what will sell in America. And they are terrified to try anything "new"...i.e. telling the truth.