Tuesday, June 10, 2014


MSNBC is believed trustworthy by FIVE PERCENT of the people in the country.



Actually I find that figure amazing because of how HIGH it is, not how low. I'm staggered that 5% of my fellow countrymen believe in Ed Schulz and the dike with the modified crew cut - what's her name? OH! And "Tingles" Matthews.

When you think about it, 5% is an astonishingly high number of idiots just walking around freely. Who are these people? How are we to identify them as they move among us?

I'm scared.


  1. Rachel Maddow. Don't forget Al "Tawana" Sharpton and Melissa "the community owns your children" Harris-Perry. Oops, now I'm probably Raciss! for bringing them up.

    The viewers are probably the ones that have a bumper sticker for every left-wing political idea they've ever encountered.

  2. No, Rachel Madcow. I remember reading a comprehensive poll of American
    citizens after we entered the war on terror in Time or Newsweek. If one looked
    at about three or four of the polls, you would conclude the size of the radical
    left is about 7 percent of society at large.

    This is why liberals fail at talk radio and why PMSNBC is circling the bowl in
    terms of ratings. Americans reject the left whenever the left makes its true
    intentions known. The vast middle has been so dumbed down that Obonzo,
    who would not have stood a chance at being elected 10 years earlier, was
    elected. We should not be losing to such a small minority! If someone
    with 1/2 the qualities of Reagan came along, he could still be elected in
    a landslide.

    PS Aside from Tammy Bruce (Who is one of us,) is there such a thing as an attractive lesbian? Madcow makes me shudder every time I see her!

    1. Rosie O'Donnell doesn't get your motor running? :)

    2. RG, yeah she gets my motor running - as in escaping as fast as possible! :P

  3. Buttercup, my thought was that as well - AS MANY AS 5%?? That's one hell of a lot of people needing a hit upside the head with the cluebat.