Monday, June 2, 2014

The Wonder of Nature.

Buddleja, or butterfly bush, is not a particularly beautiful shrub, being far too leggy and with straggly foliage that is lackluster gray-green. When not in full bloom, it resembles nothing so much as a large weed. But I have always wanted one because it is such a magnet for butterflies, hence the nickname.

So yesterday I bought one, a large pot so I could place it on my back patio to observe any visiting butterflies, and happily spent the afternoon getting filthy as I filled up pots, watered, weeded, and whacked at things until Nature submitted to my loving ministrations.

Satisfied, I assumed I would have to wait for a few days at least for the arrival of the butterflies. I mean, how would they just know the new bush was here?

But in less than 24 hours, our first visitor arrived!!!

I am amazed at the wonder of nature, that such a simple miracle could happen with such ease. Put out a bush and the butterflies know in only hours that it is there.

Now if I could just take a decent picture with the proper focus -- THAT would be a miracle.


  1. There is a weed here in Oklahoma that everyone calls Butterfly Bush that has bright orange blossoms. The butterflies go crazy over the things. Your Butterfly Bush looks prettier than ours, but for whatever reason, the butterflies look the same. ;-)

    1. I have no idea what the origin of this plant is. Maybe it has been hybridized from your wild butterfly plant. Who knows? I do think this buddleja is grown alot in England. But that doesn't mean anything. Botanists and plant enthusiasts move plants all over the place to cultivate them.

      I just think it is so cool that the butterfly KNEW that plant was there in only hours. I was thinking it would have to be a random finding...but it took so little time that I have to think the butterfly was able to find it with special butterfly powers. HAHA!