Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I can't even manage faux outrage.

But Mr. Klavan does a pretty good job of pretending to be insulted and offended and emotionally injured. Me? I'm well into a lovely bottle of chardonnay and you could say just about anything to me on about any subject and my reply would be, "Meh."

Or, if I could find the strength to use more letters, "Whatever."

His best line is, "I demand hypocrisy!"

I had to put my wine down for that one or I would have spilled some laughing.


  1. I was going to apologize to him but I couldn't think of anything insincere enough.

    1. Heh...that's where I initially got the lead. I picked that thread up on Twitter and followed it to his video. Great minds...

  2. Oh, that was good stuff. Uncomfortably true. I've even been guilty of that myself at times. It's far too easy to fall into that trap. Indeed it's probably the biggest negative against social media as in how easy it makes it to do that.