Monday, February 24, 2014

Well, I feel violated.

Harry Belafonte informs us that anyone wishing to restrain the federal government as it swells to unsustainable levels is, "violating the American desire." Apparently opposition to fiscal debt in the trillions, concern over the fact that there has been no budget for Obama's entire presidency, outrage at the deadly insanity that Obamacare is now fully demonstrating is "violating the American desire."

As I said. I feel violated.

And, according to Mr. Belafonte, I should be thrown in jail after I'm violated.


Now I know what "tally my banana" means.

Day - oh!


  1. If they wouldn't put assholes on television, nobody would know they're assholes and - maybe - they'd dry up and blow away.

    1. I think that's a BIG maybe.

      Assholes seem to thrive in the heat of the television cameras.

    2. It's more like they thrive in the heat of the unwarranted adulation they receive. Bah! Just another liberal moonbat.