Sunday, February 2, 2014

Free falling.

This video has over 15,000,000 views on YouTube alone. It is also on Vimeo and who knows where else, so it is safe to say that I am -- once again -- late to the party. I will never be the trendsetter; I can barely keep up with the whirl, only every once in a while snatching something interesting from the sparkling stream of information.

But this is very cool.

However,  I can't but notice -- and point out -- that it lists his girlfriend as free diving to do the CAMERA WORK! Seriously? So his awesome, out-of-this-world, amazing stunt being done like no one has ever done it before free dive is being filmed by his girlfriend who is ALSO free diving??


I'm more impressed with her.

Then I also can't help but notice that there are multiple camera angles, and my itty bitty brain says that she couldn't have captured all those shots in one dive. So they must have done this whole freaking thing more than once. SEVERAL times more than once.


And I find it difficult to get to the bottom of the pool.


  1. Another amazing thing to add to the list of things I'm never, ever going to do. Or even be slightly tempted to do. I just had to add this one too. Sigh, it's hard being a stick-in-the-mud, but I bear up somehow.

  2. RG, that had me wincing. "To get as low as they do that's just crazy!" 1000% agreed.