Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Harry Reid Says ALL Stories About The Disaster of Obamacare Are Lies


Every single one of them.

Every story. All lies.

Every story of a cancelled policy. Every story of denied coverage. Every story of a doctor who refuses to accept your new shitty coverage. Every story of delayed treatment. Every story of significant increases in policy rates and deductibles. All of them are lies.

Lies being told all across America.

And you, Mr. and Mrs. America, are the liars. It pains me to say this, but it seems inarguable many of you are so racist, so committed to hating on a black man in the White House, so ungrateful and thick-headed over the wonder that is Obamacare that you are  -- by the millions -- willing to flat out LIE over and over and over and over and over and over story after order to score points against our Beloved Leader and his crack team of internet specialists, bureaucratic ninnies, IRS goons, and FCC thugs.

Oh, Senator Reid makes a half-hearted effort to assign blame to the notoriously evil Koch brothers, saying they are paying for ads that, by exerting devious corporate control over your puny minds, remove all responsibility for the horror stories against the Regime with which you delight in scaring neighbors and small children.

But you are the liars, Mr. and Mrs. America. 

Get that? You. You are liars easily led by right-wing propaganda, willing to go on camera and lie about something as potentially horrendous as your own death. Is there no level to which you will not stoop? You will make sh*t up "out of whole cloth." Do you really believe the rest of us will take you and your horror stories seriously? When you start dying, we will know you for the liars you are and be unmoved by your obituary. You had it coming, you liar.

Mark my words. Since the people of this country have become so ungovernable that they are willing to engage in malevolent and mendacious slander against their own benevolent government, "we're going to have some problems here."

And here.

And here.


I wrote this to be snarky, which is always my first inclination. But after a little thought I realized that Senator Reid's words are far too potent, far too insidious, far too dangerous to be dismissed with mere sarcasm. These are the words of the Senate Majority Leader. He is talking to America and calling us liars, saying that we are unable to understand even simple facts and are not to be trusted. 

Let's be very clear here. A senior elected official of our government is inciting citizens to call anyone who opposes Obama and his policies liars. They are giving us permission to really hate each other, to fight each other, to kill each other.

Big H/T: Weasel Zippers


  1. What a monkey reid is. Welcome to the event horizon of the apocalypse.

    1. Perhaps we'll look back on this and say, "We dismissed Reid as a despicable little worm." But so was Hitler. And so was Lenin. And so is Obama. Despicable little worms with POWER can cause a lot of shit.

  2. You can hear the avalanche coming down the mountainside, destroying everything in it's path. It's not quite here yet but I don't see anything that can stop it.

    All lies? I wonder why Obama keeps delaying implementation of it then. Must be that he's disappointed in us and wants to deny us its awesome healthy goodness as punishment for our lack of faith.

    Reid, Pelosi and now Hillary again. These are the faces of the party of youth? Takes some serious doublethink to fit those concepts in the same head.

    The Koch's are oil magnets? That would have come in handy during the Gulf spill. I guess the evil bastards were hiding somewhere rather than using their oil attracting super powers for the good of mankind.

    1. Drat, "its path". Damn apostrophe tic.

    2. All lies? I wonder why Obama keeps delaying implementation of it then. Must be that he's disappointed in us and wants to deny us its awesome healthy goodness as punishment for our lack of faith.

      This is positively brilliant, sir, and I SOO wish I'd thought of it to Tweet it out.

    3. But I am going to use it as my new quote in my header.