Sunday, February 23, 2014


It's Sunday morning and it seems appropriate to give thanks to our wonderful government for all it has been doing for us lately. God can seem remote and often inexplicable in His Heaven, very often leaving us to our own resources to solve our problems, but the Government is our God here on earth...promising us heaven right HERE!

That's pretty sweet.

And it's a heaven that I don't have to do ANYTHING to earn...except vote correctly - but that's a cinch, even felons and drug addicts know how to do that.

So I give thanks for Obama and Obamacare and now ---- OBAMACARE-CARE.

It just keeps getting better. Obama really DOES love us.

Or maybe not....



There. That's better. Now what was I saying? Oh yes...Obama loves us. One and all. We are his children.



  1. Can't find the story now, but there some woman died from an undiagnosed infection. She didn't go in for treatment because her old policy had been canceled and her Obamacare hadn't started yet. Might be the one Ann Coulter has talked about. How's that for hateful? Going to the trouble of actually dying just to make Obama look bad.

    1. I read that story. You're right, it was written by Ann Coulter. It sounds like someone she would know...only someone as mean as Ann would DIE to score a point against our Beloved Leader. I'll bet she was white, too. RAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!