Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"We don't need no stinkin' badges!"

And these bikers don't need no stinkin' permit.

Let'em roll.

Apparently our National Park Service didn't think a parade on the anniversary of 9/11 to honor our fallen citizens and soldiers who have died in the last twelve years because of Islamic extremism was important enough to issue a permit.

So the bikers came anyway.

There is a lesson here, folks. The government is only as powerful as we allow it to be. If we, as free citizens, say not just, "No!" but "HELL NO!" then the government must stand aside or use force, because force is all it has. Force is all it is.

And the moment the government uses force, the game is ON. Because we will see it for what it is. Power. Control. Force.

Jon Stewart said he believes in "good government" even as we learn of spying, drones strikes, attacks on the Constitution, coverups, use of power to destroy political enemies, and flat out lies. I say there is no such thing as "good government." There is only big government and small government.

The smaller the better.


  1. DC news is sparse, considering the number of people anticipated to attend. The traffic cameras are not much help either.

    I'm thinking there's much more to be seen and heard, but D.C. is much too important (in their minds) to pay attention to the people that make their salary a reality.

    Screw 'em. Sooner, or later, they WILL pay attention.

    Meanwhile, the Millions Muslim March seems to have more reporters than attendees.

    1. And of course the Muslims got the permit, while the bikers were denied.

      And Washington wonders why we don't think too much of them anymore?

    2. Apparently only 21 showed up for the Muslim march. That's what happens when you leave the semtex out of the goodie bags. At least they got Cornel West to show up to represent the looney brigade.

  2. As well as some bishop (episcopalian?) who is wearing his purple shirt and collar, but seems to have tucked his cross into his pocket, presumably so as not to "offend".

    1. This was supposed to be a reply to RG

    2. Any clergyman who's ashamed to show the cross lest he offend needs to figure out what he actually believes. He's probably in the wrong line of work.

    3. We already know that the archbishop of Canterbury is prone to supporting Islam over Christianity. Why should we be surprised that lesser bishops in the Anglican Communion feel the same way?

      Which is sad. I love my church, but at times I have a hard time reconciling staying with what the hierarchy seems to be pushing. I'm almost ready to return to the Roman Catholics, except that as one of the first groups of kids to go through Sunday school post-Vatican II, they trained me to be a good Jewish Protestant. Quite seriously, what I was taught about what happens at the consecration was almost verbatim Lutheran doctrine. And given that that is one of the major stumbling blocks between the two churches getting back together again....

  3. "I say there is no such thing as "good government." There is only big government and small government."

    Well said. Govt is an organisation, and as such is amoral. The only thing that will keep it in line is a vigilant people.

    Fortunately, here in Australia people got thoroughly sick of the leftist dickheads we had in power and threw them out in the NAtional election we just had last weekend. We now have a conservative coalition back in power again - at least for a while.