Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Sunday so I know I shouldn't link to this but still...

He wrote it today. And it is brilliant. So I don't care, I'm linking to it. 

PJ Media's Stephen Green writes at VodkaPundit about the utter mess that is Obama.
If you’ll pardon my language, I have a simple message for the President of the United States of America.

They can’t follow if you won’t lead, asshole.

Now, I’ve said a lot of nasty things about our last three presidents. A lot of nasty things. But I don’t think I’ve ever been tempted to personally address any of them as “asshole.” Not until today. Not until witnessing the most embarrassing and embarrassingly public performance by a world leader on the world stage. Monica Lewinsky could have been giving Bill Clinton a blowjob right there at the podium during the State of the Union address, in front of all the cameras, and it still wouldn’t have been as air-suckingly horrific as the low-rent Vaudeville act we’ve watched Obama and Kerry put on these last few days. Because in the Clinton-Lewinsky scenario I just described, at least the President is the one getting serviced, instead of dropping trou, bending over, and giving the whole world an invitation to do whatever — because, “You know, whatever. It’s only foreign policy. It’s not like it’s something important, like giving public money away to some buddies of mine who just swear they can build a magic car battery.”
Or siphoning money to your half brother who is in charge of the monies for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is backing the terrorists in Syria, who are Al Qaeda.
During Dick Nixon’s impeachment hearings, the question was, “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” Turned out, Nixon knew plenty, and knew it all quite early enough to get him driven out of the White House. With Obama the question is, “WTF? I mean WTeffingF? Doesn’t this asshole know anything?” And the answer is no, and yet we’re still stuck with this SCoaMF for three and a half more years.

I’m sure the Republic will survive. But I’m not sure we’ll recover unless the next President is Ronald Reagan crossed with Chuck Norris crossed with George Patton crossed with Jesus.
I know just the guy. Allen West. Am I right?

Actually, as funny as this piece is and as tempting as it is to look at what Obama is doing and conclude that he's a complete and utter dumbass, my take is that this has all been carefully orchestrated (oh, not by Obama..he really IS an utter dumbass) and that we are likely seeing the
pieces being moved on the chess board to bring about the destruction of Israel, eliminate the threat of a Shiite power grab via Iran, and ultimately consolidate a new Caliphate in the Middle East under the powers of the Sunnis via Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Oh...and destroy the last vestiges of our Constitutional Republic with its separation of powers.

Nice little trifecta on foreign policy with a little added bonus of ending freedom in the United States.

Here's my gut-level analysis:

Journey to the End of the World in 20 easy steps.
  1. Obama has, since taking office in 2008, systemically and deliberately been destroying the energy producing sector of our country. This has to make Saudi Arabia happy. And it puts us as at a SERIOUS disadvantage to fight a protracted war in the Middle East.
  2. Obama's family members have strong ties to Marxism, violent revolutions in Africa, Sunni Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Not the kind of background that makes you feel he's on our side.
  3. Within Islam, the Shiites and the Sunnis hate each other and are struggling for ultimate power - the new Caliphate.
  4. Saudi and Turkey are Sunni. Iran is largely Shiite, and though Syria is predominately Sunni, its rulers are Shiites. In other words, Syria and Iran are damn upstarts and need to get whacked.
  5. Obama allowed Mubarak's government to be overthrown. He did nothing when the Muslim Brotherhood took over (which everyone saw coming)...except to approve. When the army stepped in, he got all pissy about "coups" and democratic elections. 
  6. Obama toppled Gaddafi and completely destabilized that region, a region that provides more terrorists fighters to Al Qaeda and crew than almost any other in the Middle East.
  7. The last person Ambassador Chris Stevens met with on the evening of his death was the Consul of Turkey.
  8. There is strong evidence that our government was running guns and weaponry through the Benghazi consulate with Turkey's involvement -- to the Syrian "freedom fighters."
  9. If we strike Syria, Iran has already stated that it will retaliate -- by hitting Israel.
  10. Israel has given them all the finger and promised massive reprisal if Iran pulls any shit.
  11. Russia and China have warned Obama to stay out of it -- or something really bad might happen.
  12. Obama is saying he just wants to throw some bombs around. He doesn't really want to get involved. WTF?
  13. Russia is explaining to Prince Dumbass that would be "involved."
  14. Approval for this stupidity is at around 9% among an American electorate that can't usually distinguish their ass from a hole in the ground, but this one time they seem to be paying attention.
  15. But this resistance from the American people just plays into Obama's hands because now, to appear conciliatory and diplomatic, he is going to politely twiddle his thumbs and wait for Congress to reconvene in another week so that he can ask them to handle this CRISIS by giving him the go ahead. They will say no. Then Obama will say, "Fuck you" and go ahead anyway.
  16. This will effectively destroy any power Congress has left against the Obama juggernaut of tyranny because it is an altogether different critter to just go ahead and start shit (lots of presidents have before Obama), then it is to ASK FOR PERMISSION AND THEN GO AHEAD AND START SHIT ANYWAY AGAINST CONGRESS' STATED "NO WAY, JOSE. SIT THE FUCK DOWN."
  17. This is like our Prince Dumbass saying, "If Congress doesn't act, than I will." Really, bucko? REALLY? Yes, really.
  18. So we hit Syria. Iran hits Israel. Israel rains death and destruction on their picnic cloth heads. Russia and China step in. It's game on.
  19. BOOOM!
  20. The End
It's Sunday, so I suggest you all start praying.


  1. 16. A very different critter. I wonder what the chances are of mutinies in the military in that case. Supporting the President in that case would involve a pretty blatant violation of their oath. That might not be a problem for a lot of the brass in the Pentagon, lower than that and I'm not so sure.

    Congress still hasn't figured out that they're well on the way to being a meaningless rubber stamp for the whims of the President. He already considers the federal courts nothing more than a nuisance. Thanks Justice Roberts.

    1. That is a very real possibility...IF the average guy in the military was informed enough about our Constitution and its powers that he/she would be willing to go against direct orders of their Commander. I doubt it. Even if they KNOW it is unconstitutional, everyone wants someone else to save them, to prevent them from having to step up all alone. I just don't see it. They'll go along. Obama has shifted too many good men out of positions of leadership in the last five years.

      And I think Congress already knows how useless it is. Useless as teats on a boar hog. I think they are relieved, actually. How much nicer to be totally useless but still able to ride around in limos with security and private planes and the best tables at the best restaurants, living in the best neighborhoods, going to the best schools? It's like winning the lottery. They get it all and don't have to do shit or be responsible for anything.

      I'm not in a good mood today.

      I think I'll just go ride my horse. If Doomsday is going to happen, I might as well enjoy myself until then.