Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's all about to hit the fan.

There have been a couple of stories that crossed my computer over the last two days that I did not want to write about as they seemed too explosive and, therefore, hopefully not credible.

But the pieces are beginning to fall into place. And not a good place. In fact, it sort of looks like hell.

First, over at Gateway Pundit, there was this post about Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright admitting that he had made it easy for Obama to practice Christianity without having to renounce Islam.



WTF? If Reverend Wright is to be believed, this is a major, game-changing, "Awwww shit"! moment.

I have always believed that Obama was sympathetic to the Muslim religion, having been born to a Muslim father and raised in a Muslim country, but the idea that he might still consider himself a Muslim is disquieting, to say the least.

Then there was the story, which we've all seen by now of Obama's brother, Malik Obama who is the "bagman" for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Of course, we also know that Malik's fund-raising organization was granted non-profit status retroactively to cover his illegal ass by none other than Lois "I didn't do anything wrong so I'll take the Fifth" Lerner, the IRS official accused of holding up the non-profit status of Tea Party applicants for years.

Now we have a chemical weapon attack in Syria carried out by the Assad regime, even though Obama had already opened his big mouth about a red line and how he'd be really pissed if Assad did anything like that and Assad was WINNING and didn't need to piss off Obama or anyone else; he needed only to press on to finish off the rebels. Assad had no reason whatsoever to use chemical weapons and potentially bring the international community down on his head, led by Righteous President Peace Prize. Of course, with Obama leading the charge for military action, the international community said, "You have at it, buckwheat. We'll take a pass on this one. That's your fucking red line." Assad had no way of knowing that the ENTIRE WORLD would abandon Obama. Usually, when you piss off America, you piss off a lot of other powerful countries. Not this time though...but still...Assad would never have taken that chance. He didn't need to. He was winning.

It also seems highly unusual, to say the least, that the Obama administration could know within days who carried out the attack and all the details surrounding the use of sarin gas in a foreign country torn apart by civil war, yet they still haven't been able to piece together what happened in Benghazi where we had numerous diplomatic and covert assets on the ground...or right here in America with Fast and Furious for that matter. "But what difference, at this point, does it make?"


Now we are learning that the attack may well have been carried out by rebel forces intent on provoking an American response from a president seemingly more than eager to "help" and just waiting for an excuse to do so openly.

Belgian Journalist overheard Free Syrian Army members admitting Assad NOT to blame for chemical attack


...and from World Net Daily, which I don't normally link to but God Damn IT...this is horrifying!

U.S. military confirms rebels had sarin


Yesterday President Peace Prize went on TV to lie through his teeth about God Damn EVERYTHING and now we learn that soldiers are being deployed to Egypt and SYRIA!!!

Obama wants this war. He believes in it. This is not about America or our interests or our safety. This is about establishing the final Caliphate. The Sunnis want the Shiites, politically powerful in Iran and Syria, to get taken out because only one faction of Islam can rule in their world.

Obama is going to do just that for his Sunni homeboys. With our military. With our sons and daughters. With our husbands and wives. With our sisters and brothers.

They are going to be forced to fight for Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is monstrous.

You can find me in my closet.



  1. A Russian carrier killer has entered the Mediterranean, with that and the sub killer already on station it looks like they're ready to go if needed. Time for Daniel to show up at one of Belshazzar Obama's parties and explain the handwriting to him and the other partiers.

    1. Yes, indeed. I need to brush up on my prophecy stuff. But I figure I don't need too many tea leaves or puffs of smoke, as long as I stay in the general "we're all fucked" range of prophecy.

      But the good guys the end...right? I just find it hard to believe there ARE any good guys.