Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let's start WWIII to prove we aren't racist!

If America agrees to risk engulfing the world in a massive confrontation between the world's super powers, Russia, and China and us, with Israel and Iran thrown in for good measure...and Syria signs up to be the home team playing field for the kickoff of the order to save our president's hide, can we finally be forgiven for our inherent and intransigent racism?

Is dying good enough to prove we aren't racist?

Why no...we already did that in the Civil War.

Chris Matthews being stupid insane retarded an Obama ass-licker Chris Matthews....

For the last four years we've been told that any opposition to our Beloved Leader was based solely in hatred and racism. Who knew the Democrats and their media boot-lickers would finally raise the stakes to war, death, and utter destruction to prove we aren't racists?

Everyone's insane.

Completely nucking futs.


  1. I don't think I've ever heard anybody talk about corralling votes before. He must have a secret hankering that it was the outlook cowboy Bush trying to start a war.

  2. Help Kickstart WWIII? Because every world war needs a little shock and awwwww. h/t Ace of Spades

    1. That is fucking hilarious! OMG! Prius tanks.

      I'm in for $25.00. I'm going to start watching every social media channel for my shoutout!

      YEAH! ME!

      Oh...I mean, "BECAUSE OBAMA!"

  3. Ain't it amazing? The opposition of blacks on the left to Dubya was because of principle (as if the Left has principles), but any opposition of Obama by whites in the center or on the right can ONLY be because of racism.
    Does the Left really believe that if a white man had run in the Republican primary on nationalizing health care, bankrupting the coal industry, bailing out the UAW after they bankrupted GM and Chrysler, etc., that the Republicans would have cheered him on? Are they really that stupid?

    1. Yes, they really are that stupid. At least some are. The rest are corrupt. There are only two categories on the left. Stupid or evil.

      I have never in my life voted for a Democrat. Suddenly, with this president, that makes me a racist.

      So be it. I'm sick to death of defending myself to these assholes.

    2. And then there are those like Ear Leader Barak the Bastard who are both evil and stupid.
      The only Democrat I ever voted for was for State Auditor and Inspector. The man was an accountant first and a Democrat on down the list. He did not care the Party of the office holder whose office he was auditing. If there was financial shenanigans he ferreted it out and reported to the people and the prosecutors. I'd vote for him again in that office.
      As for legislative or policymaking offices, I have also never voted for a Democrat, and never will.