Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm not even going to try to explain it.  Words fail.

Okay, I'll try. It appears we have reached a point in this country where asking for the physical description of a the cops can identify inherently racist.  We've all gone nucking futs.

Years ago, my brother, who lives in Alaska, was a witness to bank robbers fleeing the scene of a crime.  They ran out of the bank, jumped into a beat up old sedan, and roared off.  Seconds later the police arrived and began questioning my brother.  My brother is a scientist, trained in observation and objectivity; he began to describe the robbers in detail to the police officers, noting their car, location, behavior, and appearance.  Impatient with the specificity and eager to begin the chase, the policemen interrupted him, "Yeah..but did they look like they came from Kenai?"

"Yes," replied my brother, suddenly relieved of the responsibility of relating minute details.  "And they went that way."


And off they went.  The robbers were apprehended.

Profiling at its best.  That's how you get the bad guys.

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  1. I live in Alaska. Funny shit right there.