Saturday, March 31, 2012


I lied.  These aren't cartoons, they are real people.  They just seem like cartoons because they are so, well...should I say it?...childish, one-dimensional, predictable, and stupid.  David Thompson, one of the wittiest and most intelligent bloggers on the net, revisits some sublime moments of stupidity with the OWS crowd.

Don’t Be So Mean to the Titans of Tomorrow

How can they take over the world if you keep laughing at them?
Julia steers us to this exchange between the Independent’s Joan Smith and pocket radical Laurie Penny. In it, Laurie tells us that what we’ve seen unfold over the last few weeks (and laughed at quite a lot) are merely the “teething problems” of a “movement that is trying to do something so profoundly new and exciting with politics.”
Readers may find this a strange, rather implausible construal of events, given that what we’ve seen has for the most part been predictable and, if anything, defined by a mix of hackneyed delinquencyhypocrisy and obnoxious grandstanding. Note too how any public scepticism is blamed on the rest of us not being “prepared to listen.” Which, again, is somewhat odd, bearing in mind how many hours of role-play, pretension and incoherent ranting have been fuelling our scepticism and laughter. For all the blather about “dialogue” and “creating space for dialogue,” what we’ve actually seen is much closer to monologue.
“Coming up with an action plan for a new world order takes time,” says Laurie. 

The whole post this is divine, delicious, delightful! 

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