Monday, February 2, 2015

Maybe This Should Just Be A Funny Blog...

One of the main reasons that I post so infrequently is that I am exhausted by the immovable nature of our political system. It simply doesn't matter what we do...nothing changes. This is because no one in Washington WANTS anything to change. It is political theater, everyday, and to think otherwise is naive and depressingly futile. And I haven't been accused of being naive for 30 years...and I'm tired of being depressed and feeling like nothing anyone is doing matters. I just want someone to take my little drum set and go beat it all they want. I am tired of the whole mess. When the shooting starts, I'll get back in the game. Until then, my mind has started wandering.....

The other day I saw a bumper sticker that said:

And I LOL'ed over that for days.

Then I saw this and it made me giggle all over again.

God! I wish I had both of those as bumper stickers.

Then, to take it in another direction entirely, this crossed my path and I have to share because it's damned funny, that's why.


Finally, this...or something very close to it...has actually happened to me. I have shitty friends.

So...whether I ever get the gumption back to start posting about the hideous wreck that is our political system and our corrupt-tastic government...or I descend into the bowels of bad jokes and worse taste...stay tuned.

At least I'm laughing!


  1. Hahaha! The look on Woody's face really sells that one.

    1. I about fell off my chair. People are so clever! That was beyond awesome...HAHAHAHA! STILL laughing!

  2. Sympatico with you on the political stuff. It'w why I don't post on my own blog any more. Got tired of beating my head on a brick wall, and it felt so good when I stopped *grin*. Now it's just the Book Of Face I keep to, mainly.

    1. I'm not certain I'm smart enough to stop...What I HAVE DONE is stop finding any of it funny....

  3. I'll bet that the odds of seeing the photos of the aftermath of your drinking party are about the same as Obama fulfilling his promise of a transparent administration. Or, hell, ANY of his promises, for that matter.