Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Apparently a good jobs program is the answer.

So a good jobs program is Obama's secret to fighting ISIS? Great. He can't even put Americans back to work. How the hell is he going to get these goat-humpers jobs?

But, as much as it feels like we're all laughing as the world burns, it's been pretty funny over on Twitter today. I was supposed to be finalizing ads and working on a new label...but I barely made it out of Twitterland to make a deadline on a few things. Oh well...tomorrow is another day.

But today, the Twitterverse was AFLAME with snark about the rank stupidity of the Obama administration. Frankly, I don't think they're that stupid. I think they are that smug. They can't see the danger when they are so certain that their superior intelligence and understanding will win the day.

O. M. F. G.

So here are some of the better pics of the day.


Selling handmade pillow covers on Etsy (Iowahawk)

It's only funny in an apocalyptic kind of way.


  1. I don't know if it's stupid or smug. Lazy maybe, "jobs" is the simplistic, easy answer. They get to spend money and blame and order other people around to fix it if it's a jobs problem. Don't have to do any difficult thinking or make any choices that they would find unpleasant for themselves. Like, maybe ISIS aren't modern in any but the most superficial sense and think in ways that moderns can't really understand.

  2. That Marie Harf, she achieved new levels of stupid in one so short a sentence.


    Unicorns to her right, rainbows to her left..

    1. I suspect she was hired for her look, not her brains. She appeals to the Julia constituency. I think the Secretary of State was supposed to handle anything difficult. Which reminds me, haven't heard anything from Kerry in a while.

  3. I would agree that lazy is part of it. But I think all liberals and all liberal thinking is lazy. Honestly, I think Obama's behavior is getting mighty close to treasonous. This ol' world is in for a pretty bad time....

    And, Morris, after Marie delivered her deep insight into the motives of head-choppers, she doubled down by saying the howling from the conservatives was because we is too stoopid to git her nuance. Weese just go dang retarded to understand her deepness.

    1. Doing that video with the faces in the mirror and selfie stick when that Jordanian pilot had just been burned alive. Yikes. Made me think his narcissism may have finally tipped over into full-blown psychosis.

    2. You're right, RG. I do believe he is a serious threat to the safety of this nation, and the world. I just hope we survive his next two years. Unfortunately, the insane ISIS knows he only has two years to cover for them, as well. So does Iran. So everybody is hurrying...

  4. As Powerline recently posted, we have a new term now:
    Harfing (not-so-coincidentally rhymes with barfing).

    Epic stupidity. Everytime I think the Obama flunkies have reached peak stupidity they prove me wrong.