Sunday, February 8, 2015

Brian Williams defended by Dan Rather and Geraldo Rivera. Does it get any better?


Sometimes life is so perfectly flawless that you just have to sit back and shake your head at the sheer wonder of it. God really is in charge.

Brian "Mad Max" Williams is now being defended by Dan "Fake But Accurate" Rather, and Geraldo "Even Bette Midler Says You Suck" Rivera.

I am SCREAMING with laughter. This is the funniest line-up one could imagine.

Steve Stockman, the congressman from Texas who could easily be a comedy writer if he decides to ditch the swamps of Washington, wrote:

Dan Rather has a memo that completely validates Brian Williams' story.

I have only one thing left to say to Mr. Williams, NBC in particular, and the entire MSM in general:
And just because I'm not that's a little something to leave you gagging...

Geraldo's Twitter selfie.
Now run and get some eye bleach.

I'm sorry.


  1. When Dan and Geraldo are your best supporters, this is a sign that something has gone seriously wrong with your life.

  2. It's like a bunch of flashers defending Pee Wee Herman. The loyalty is lost to those that don't like public penis pulling.

  3. Ohgodohgodohgod, did you have to do that? I will never be able to eat beef jerkey again.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm mean like should know me better by now!

  4. "I'm sorry!"
    No, you're not! You done that apurpose. With extreme malice aforethought. It's a darn good thing I just made up a new extra-strength batch of Brain Bleach.

  5. No she's not sorry one bit. :P

    Pass that brain bleach when (if ever) you're finished with it, Ogrrre.

    1. As Daffy Duck once told Bugs Bunny, "mine, mine, mine, all mine!" If Buttercup is going to start posting photos like that, I'm going to need all I can brew up. Here's a hint, if you want to make your own: start with a barrel of Glen Livet. If you can't afford Glen Livet, Everclear will do. As for the rest of the recipe, I leave the advice of my old Calculus professor, "the rest is left as an exercise for the masochistic."

    2. You're right...I'm really not that sorry. LOL!

      Keep the eye bleach handy. There's a lot of stupid shit going on....