Friday, February 20, 2015

Bacon, anyone?

If you don't want to play with explosives, this is a pretty effective method of getting rid of wild hogs.


  1. Cool. I wonder if it triggers automatically somehow or if you have to watch and hit a remote control.

    1. Ahh. Very cool. It's a combination, it notifies you via the internet/cell network when animals are detected and then you can take a look and trigger it remotely at the best time. Boar Buster

    2. See? I didn't even CARE how it was operated, it was just too cool. You are the intellectual. I'm just the goofball in the corner giggling over shit. LOL!

    3. Intellectual?! Them's fightin' words. :) It's a man thing, I see a machine and I want to know how it works.

    4. ...not that there's anything WRONG with that!!! HAHAHA! I didn't even SLIGHTLY mean to impugn your conservative credentials!!! Real men can be smart, too!

    5. Thanks for the link to Boar Buster, RG. I have no life, so I watched the entire 8-minute video. Fascinating.