Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Left Needs Thorazine. STAT!

When Barack Obama was running for the presidency, we were treated to the charming, yet hauntingly creepy, songs of children praising him and looking forward to a future paradise under His gentle and wise leadership.

That I could handle.

But this? OMG.

O. M. G.

I don't even know what to say, except, "Run, run,, Liz, run!"

When one sees this level of rank stupidity pass for clever campaign messaging, it is tempting to believe that surely it must be confined to a small fringe element in society and can, therefore, be safely ignored. You would be wrong. The insanity, beautifully set to music in this little video, is also on display at our universities.

NYU Professor’s “solution” for global warming is literally one of the most insane things ever…

Matthew Liao, director of the Bioethics Programme at New York University, says we should combat global warming by genetically engineering humans so they are shorter and allergic to red meat.

 Yes, really.

This is what happens when really, really smart, highly educated people find that no one gives a rat's ass about what they are doing. Feeling overlooked? Just like in high school? Can't get a date? Never been laid? Come up with a revolutionary idea to save the planet!! You'll be the new sensation! You'll get a Gold Star! Every left-wing think tank already infested with other really, really smart, highly educated people doing stuff no one gives a damn about will applaud you for your courageous work.

And that's really all you need to know about liberalism. It appeals to people who were the Gold Star children in school. Who never had a friend, didn't play in sports, couldn't get a date...but were the star of the classroom. Most of them never leave the classroom because it's the only place where they ever enjoyed a sense of importance and superiority. They are losers in the real world. But even the safe, secluded world of research and academia finally loses its glossy appeal when they realize that no one outside their towers gives a hoot about their life's work, and -- even worse -- the only funding they will ever get is from a government agency. So they spend their life begging the government for the money to do the crap no one cares about.

Talk about feeling unloved.

Recipe For a Wack-a-do Liberal Scientist


One super smart weirdo
Lots and lots of education
Inflated sense of importance and superiority
Millions of dollars in government grant money
Isolation of a university environment

Carefully remove all normal interactions with normal people. Discard. Stir all ingredients together and let steep until it becomes a toxic mess. Strain carefully. Enjoy.


  1. Not watching that whole video. 2 1/2 minutes, no, never. I watched the first 5 seconds and my brain threatened to crawl out of my ears. They've gone beyond the abilities of thorazine.

    You know how they say psychiatrists go into the field to try to understand/solve their own mental problems. The same thing seems to apply to professional ethicists. They go into the field to create a justification for the twisted darkness in their minds. You ever find yourself alone with an ethicist, back away slowly and be prepared to draw your weapon.

  2. Ye gods, I watched about 20 secs of that, and my brain threatened to shoot itself if I watched any more. They've definitely been off their meds waaaaay too long.

    Intelligence with no wisdom = stupid.

  3. When are the adults going to be in charge again?