Friday, July 18, 2014

Nero couldn't have been any more nuts than Obama.

Everyone has heard, if even in passing, of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. It is a cliche, and the phrase instantly conveys the idea of a ruler so detached and consumed with himself and his pleasures that he is simply unable to respond to a crisis or even fulfill the normal demands of governing...until the whole place burns down around him.

That is our president.

A passenger plane carrying 295 innocent civilians, as many as 23 U.S. citizens, was shot down and our boy throws out a casual mention that it may be a terrible tragedy...and even that bullshit was qualified with "it looks like". WTF? It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy?

Mr. President, just what WOULD be a terrible tragedy, if this doesn't end up qualifying for one? Hmmmmm...?

Besides, as someone wrote (I honestly can't remember who), a plane crashing because of a mechanical malfunction is a tragedy. A plane being shot out of the sky by Russian separatists is an act of war. At the VERY LEAST it demands a response that conveys outrage and a firm resolve to seek justice for the murder of innocents.

This indecisive, bullshit, throwaway, I'll-know-more-when-I-hear-it-on-the-news-tonight comment does not, under any circumstances, fit into a 16 minute whining joke-and-bitch session about how Republicans are not letting our boy spend even more money.

Seriously. WTF?

The man is nuts. Stark. Raving. Nuts. Cookoo. Mad as a March Hare. CRAAAAAZZY!

But he's our nutty little professor. Isn't he?

I'm sure Putin is delighted that our little boy-toy president is fretting over whether this MAY be a terrible tragedy.

Who wants to take bets that not a single thing is done about this possible tragedy?

Not. One. Thing.

There are fundraisers scheduled, people! By GOD! The show must go on.


  1. Damnit, Comment eaten by the gremlins. Trying again.

    He's having a little problem with his delusions of omnicompentence bumping up against the real world. (In redneck: "That man just ain't right.") I wonder if his staff even tries to brief him on anything that might turn out to be bad news anymore. If he doesn't get angry, I'll bet he just blows them off.

    Sigh, pining for the days when we had a real president

    1. It is unfathomable to me that we actually have a president as small, petty, incompetent, narcissistic, shallow, self-absorbed and nasty as Obama. What has become of this country? How did such a man get elected? Never mind did such a man get anywhere NEAR the levers of power? HOW!!!???!?!?

    2. Can't quite get my thoughts to gel into coherence so I'll go with this:

      It's the kudzu of progessivism. At first it looks good, nice ground cover, good erosion control. Next thing you know it's everywhere and you realize it's a little creepy and oppressive but getting rid of it is an overwhelming job.