Friday, March 8, 2013

And now, for a little light entertainment.

Sorry for not posting much lately. Honestly I've been incredibly busy. But mostly I'm just incredibly dumbstruck.

Just a "goat rodeo" as Mr. Whittle is fond of saying. Cracks me up.
President Peace Prize is threatening to cause American deaths over sequestration. It's as if the big bad mean Republicans are taking ONE candy lollipop from widdle poopkins while leaving the little darling IN the candy store, and he's throwing a temper tantrum. Am I missing something?

Bets that after all the chest pumping and fist pounding, not one slim dime is ever cut from the budgetless budget.

For how would we know, anyway? There hasn't been a budget since Obama was elected. Just recently he was assuring us that he had SAVED us over a TRILLION dollars. Okie dokie, Smokie.

"I would love a cup of tea. I need something to sip while watching the insanity."
"Yes, that's it!" said the Hatter with a sigh, "It's always tea time."

But apparently mere threats of death and despair and human sacrifice and dogs and cats living together were not sufficient to make President Peace Prize's point. So he has released thousands of serious criminals to the streets. Let's see how the little people like THEM apples! Maybe we'll learn our lesson and quit being so uppity. (Once upon a time that phrase was racist, but now that it can be applied to the ENTIRE COUNTRY, I think the code has been broken.)

I hear "release of criminal illegal aliens" and I think, "target practice." So bring it, asshole. The world needs a lot fewer bad guys and locking them away just keeps them from getting the killing they so desperately need.

All the while our very own Department of Justice is busily and carefully using the wrong words to explain very, very wrong actions as if they are right as rain.

I don't know about you, but just the fact that we must have conversations between a Senator and the highest law enforcement official in the country where they mull over the finer points of murdering Americans, you know, just working out the when and the how, is HORRIFYING. Why isn't everyone out in their front yards running around in circles and flapping their arms, screaming, "They're going to kill us aaaaaaaall!" Because if they didn't want the authority to kill us at their whim, they wouldn't be dancing around the issue like a finalist in Dancing with the Stars. Kudos to Senator Cruz for making Holder spin like a child's toy in an effort to NOT address the constitutionality of simply offing anyone they want because...THREAT!

Oh, and drones. Yeah. Way cool.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the Left who insisted measures like the Patriot Act were unproductive, anti-American, and illegal, while the War on Terror was worthy of prosecution for war crimes when it was Bush and Cheney in office. Now President Peace Prize can take out anyone he wants, anywhere he wants for any reason he wants, and we're wrangling over whether it's constitutional or not. I'm no constitutional scholar like our esteemed president, so I must be missing subtle nuances hidden in the Constitution. I thought the document was pretty clearly written, with phrases like "shall not be infringed", but I'm simple like that.

I should just let super intellects like Danica Patrick convince me to stop worrying. I mean, if it's a good idea to let the government make all the decisions on when I should screw, it's just a tiny, baby step to letting the government screw me all by its lonesome.

Have I covered everything? Undoubtedly I've left out some of the madness. The room is swirling and my head hurts.

So about that light entertainment.

If you can get to the guinea pig and not bust out laughing, you're probably just more informed about the insanity than I. Sorry, kittens, but the truth hurts. And it's not that funny either.


  1. We have three piggies at the moment. That is so typical for them.

    The very large cat saying playtime looks very much like our Alice. We're supposed to be putting her on a diet, but she's so desperate that she'll go through the garbage. Yesterday evening she found one of those styrofoam bowls from Taco Bell with the Cheesy Potatoes, and chewed a hole in the bottom so she could get to the last of the cheese. We decided that we are happy if she just doesn't put on any more weight.

    Our new Senator, Chris Murphy is holding a town hall at my daughter's high school tomorrow. I think I will go and ask him when the Senate is going to get off it's ass and actually do their mandated job and pass a budget. What are the odds that I'll get an answer, vs the odds on being politely escorted out? Personally, I think my piggies would do a better job, and on a good day they each have two brain cells to rub together. Some days they have fewer and take turns.

  2. The whole sequester thing just makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Or punch somebody until my arm falls off, one or the other. 85 billion (actually 44 this year) in imaginary cuts will be the end of the world? We need a trillion in real cuts, not these fantasy ones, just to get down to ordinary long-term unsustainable deficits. In my opinion the military officers promoting this stupidity by threatening reductions in readiness are getting pretty damn close to treason.

    Holder's a weasel, the legal profession's infested with them. If the legal profession actually cared about their supposed ethics, he'd have lost his license a long time ago. Cruz was clear that "inappropriate" wasn't good enough but Holder still thought it was the same as a simple "no"? Yeah, I believe that. Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

    Danica Patrick please never ever vote for anything or anyone. You're simply not prepared to be a functioning member of a democracy.

    We are indeed through the looking glass. At least pets are still funny on this side. :)

    1. RG, I have a suggestion: require macro-economics, ethics, and civics be taught in high schools. Once they reach the proper age, those that achieved a grade of A have their names put in a pot. Then, come election time, a name is drawn from each congressional district. That person is now a U.S. Representative from that district. That way we get a cross section of America representing America. We'll have some lawyers, but we'll also have doctors and bankers and farmers and mechanics, etc. They'll get one term, and no pension, and their salary will be only the median income of their district. Their employers will be required to re-employ them once their term is up. They will also have to pick thier own office staff; they cannot inherit staff from their predecessor.
      A balanced budget must be enacted, and must be paid for with a flat tax. Any tax increase must be passed by a supermajority of the voters. Anyone who does not pay income taxes does not get to vote for tax increases.
      Both the President and the Senate must submit a viable budget by a certain date. If a viable budget is not submitted by the Senate, the Senators of the same Party as the Senate Majority leader are all removed from office, forfeit thier pensions, and are prohibitted from holding any other federal elected or appointed office, nor are they nor their immediate family allowed to work as or for a lobbying firm.
      If a President does not submit a viable budget by the statutory date, he (or she) is immediately removed from office, their pension if forfeit, and they are sent strait to federal prison for 16 years. The next President will have 8 weeks to submit a viable budget. If the next President does not submit a viable budget on time, then the next President will be the candidate with the second highest vote count from the last election, and the process repeats itself. The next President, nor any subsequent President cannot issue a pardon to the imprisoned President(s). If the Office of the President changes party for the above reason, all of the previous President's appointees, Cabinet and others, are immediately dismissed from federal service, and their pensions are forfeit.
      Notice that the budgets of the Senate and the President do not have to be passed, they only must be viable budgets. That way, everyone gets serious about their phony-baloney jobs, gentlemen. Harumph, harumph.

    2. Let's rein the bureaucracy way in at the same time. Completely remove their authority to write any regulations. Congress transferring so much legislative power to a bunch of anonymous unelected technocrats and wannabe dictators was never a good idea. If that means they only have time to pass one simple law per year instead of dozens of extremely complex ones, so much the better.

    3. We should also turn the civil service into a branch of the services rather than a sinecure for life with great pay and benefits and no responsiblities. Let folks "enlist" or at the higher levels, get a commission, and as with the branches of the military, in 95% or more of cases, after 20 years, you are out. And make pay comparable to enlisted/commissioned pay. But unlike the military, the retirement pay will be more in line with civilian jobs, and won't start until you reach retirement age.

    4. I completely agree, Library-Gryffon. Problems started when the public employees were allowed to unionize. Once that happened, they immediately began to use their money to insure the election of Democrats who would give them whatever they wanted. Sweet deal. Elect your boss, and have them by the balls.

  3. I guess I could write a few paragraphs about the only rational explanation for our government is hallucinogenic mushrooms, but I won't. I'd rather write how the video made me laugh and to thank you for putting it in your post.

  4. WOW! Everyone! I take the weekend off and y'all meet over here to party. I missed everything! DANG!

    RG, Sequester - yes, it makes me want to lean over and scream into little childrens' face, "You should be PISSED! You're going to pay for this madness! MADNESS I TELL YOU!"

    If 85 billion dollars will make planes fall out of the skies and cause people to bleed out on operating tables, then President Peace Prize is saying that there are NO CUTS possible. Ever. Period. Game over.

    AND bureaucracy! When did it happen that in a representative republic that our representatives handed over their legislative duties to UNELECTED bureaucrats??? How can they do that? Mostly because they now write and pass so goddamn many laws that it isn't reasonable for them to do all the nasty work of actually "filling in blanks". Maybe they shouldn't be writing so many, then, eh?

    Ogrrre, YES! All of it. BUT I think we should repeal the 16th Amendment altogether and have taxes only on profit and property. Real wealth. NOT wages. Wages are not profit. You traded your life for that money. Income taxes are evil, bad, and wrong. Talk about screwing the working class.

    Jess, Since I don't have any hallucinogenics, I find laughter is the ONLY medicine. HAHAHAHA! If I didn't laugh I would just punch myself in the face to make the stupid stop.

    1. I completely disagree with a tax on property. Once you buy the property, it is YOURS. You should not have to pay rent to the state (or State) for your own property. YOU own that property, not the state. For that matter, I disagree on a tax on profit. It annoys me greatly to hear some pol say that corporations (or other forms of business) need to pay more taxes, and then some economic illiterate say, "yeah, good idea!" The taxes businesses pay are computed in to the price of the product or service. So, when some fool says that corporations need to pay more taxes, what they are saying is, "I don't pay enough for the goods and services I buy." Then they turn around and bitch about the price of the goods and services going up.
      So, I'll stay with my suggestion of a flat tax. Whether you make one dollar, or a billion dollars, we should all help pay for the government services we all use.

  5. Buttercap,
    sequester: it makes you wanna scream, you say? now what if I say my own son (a VP in the bank, a trader @foreign currency' desk) told me sequester is a good first step and it will gain momentum and in a few years get our economy in order and there will be no superinflation and I am a spoilsport and a negative person and ...and... I guess then he barely stopped himself from screaming "I hate'ya! I hate'ya!"
    First 4 years after election of the Nuisance-In-Chief were tough, Buttercup, but the next will be a complete disaster...every day proves it more and more.

    1. GOD!! I hope your son is right. But I'm far too cynical about the state of politics and power in this country. To watch DC become freaking HYSTERICAL over a cut that is only 2.7% of a budget in the trillions makes me want to stab my eyes with a knitting needle.

      They simply are not serious about bringing spending (and therefore WASHINGTON) under control. They like the power and privilege all that money gives them and they are NOT going to give it back.

      But I still hope your son is right. sigh.....

  6. My reply exactly.
    I remember Miriam (a retired library director) once said: when politicians are forced to cut budget they start from public libraries - exactly the articles that cost little to run but appreciated a lot, to show their power and to blackmail the public. And then they can scare the public and to keep all their porky-stream intact...