Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I want to work at this company.

But I own my own company, and I'm not this funny.

Or artistically talented.

So oh well.


  1. Never go up against a Sicilian when budgets are on the line!

  2. It really sucks working for yourself. You save up to start your own business, you finally get to become one of the bourgeoisie oppressors of the proletariat masses, and the only prole you get to oppress is yourself. You treat yourself as a virtual slave, making yourself work 12, 14, sometimes 16 hour days (occasionally, even longer), and pay yourself less than minumum wage. At least, that's how it worked out for me. The boss (me) was a mean S.O.B., and the workforce (me) was a whiny so-and-so who wanted to eat regularly, and have some time off once in a while. I thought about starting a union and showing me who was boss, but I told me if I did, I'd shut the damn business down, 'cause I wasn't going to put up with crap from a union.

    1. Wait a minute...do I work for you...or do you work for me???

      That's EXACTLY how it is around here. I would fire me, but no one else would do my crappy job. HAHAHAHA!

      AND when you finally, after paying off loans and credit cards you maxed out to make things runs, get ahead, you find you're evil for all your sacrifice and hard work, and the 99% want to make you "pay your fair share."

      I say fuck'em. Ever read The Little Red Hen???? That's me.