Thursday, December 18, 2014

The UVA Rape Story. Where I Will Finally Agree That There Is Such A Thing As "Rape" Rape...And This Wasn't It.

I have been struggling to avoid this University of Virginia rape story, along with Lena's lovely tail tale...but the apparent CAMPUS RAPE EPIDEMIC penetrating deep into the hallowed halls of higher education across our nation now seems to be fully accredited or something, almost like it's part of the curriculum. I mean, it's everywhere. And everybody's doing it. And Jackie got an A+.

Oh good Lord.

When I first head (Okay...I wrote head there instead of heard. HAHAHAHAHA! LOL!! If there is a time and place for a typo, that's it!) of the story, my immediate reaction was, "The poor girl. Probably stupid, but still, no one deserves to be gang raped. No. One. Ever."

For the record, gang rape is "rape" rape, Whoopi.

But then, the details began to get complicated, confusing, conflicting, or flat out impossible to believe or prove. my spidey sense went off. Rape is a serious charge that always brings with it a sense of immediate moral outrage from the rest of us. No matter WHAT the woman was doing, rape is always wrong. We can all agree on that. Unless, of course, she was doing it with a famous Hollywood producer and there were drugs and Vaseline involved.

But once a woman screams "RAPE!", even decades later, she becomes the unquestioned victim, her own moral or sexual behavior is OFF LIMITS and what might have been a humiliating episode brought on by poor choices and unrealistic expectations is suddenly transformed into a ticket to fame and admiration and a Medal of Honor.

So when the whole bloody, battered part of the story fell apart, I started paying attention. How do you survive a gang rape without being bloody and battered? Well, kittens, certainly the repeated sexual acts had to have been significantly less harrowing than first related. But still, seven guys in one night, one right after another, puts even Sandra Fluke to shame.

Then -- and pardon me for calling bullshit at this point -- I learned that our lovely heroine had not in fact been physically "raped" but had instead been "forced" to perform oral sex on these young men.

And that she didn't want to report it. Could provide no details. Frankly made shit up.
Here's what happened, IMHO. I readily admit that my assessment will sound calloused and unkind to many, but if there is one time when we must all look our culture right in the face and ask it to wipe its chin, this is it.

Our children have grown up in a society where easy, cheap, recreational sex, especially oral sex, is just part of the fun. However, the ugly truth is that -- no matter how much these kids are brainwashed that sex is nothing but a party game -- sex will always be a deeply intimate experience. So when it is debased to the point of stark vulgarity, all the misguided expectations that a stupid and confused young girl brought to a party years ago can be devastating.

No one really wants to admit this, and probably few will want to agree with me, but I am convinced that Jackie was a young girl who went to a frat house and got involved in "doing" a bunch of guys, thinking she was going to be the darling of the night and everyone's new favorite date. It was all fun and games until she realized...apparently before she got to #7 patiently waiting his turn, that her rendition of Monica Lewinsky was earning her about as much respect from the frat boys as it had earned the real Monica from our charming president, Slick Willie.

And Jackie was humiliated. And angry. And frantic to change the story to hide her complicity. And so a seriously stupid episode turns into a rape charge against a group of young men, who, while obviously demeaning assholes much like our former president, did not believe that what they were doing was "rape" rape.

And they were right. It wasn't. It was the reasonable result of decades of culturally acceptable sexual behaviors that our children are acting out and being destroyed by. While I seriously doubt that what Jackie suffered was rape in any real sense of the word, it was certainly soul-destroying and I do feel for the poor girl.

That's just my gut-level read on this whole thing. I have no evidence. I am only going on my instincts. I have seen/known plenty of women who think sex is the way to a man's heart. It isn't. It is always a painful lesson to learn. Jackie learned it the hard way.

And now, I suspect, she's going to learn that lying isn't much fun either.


  1. You may be right but her story seems to have fallen apart so completely that it's not clear that anything at all happened to her. The campus rape culture was developing into a moral panic (this story falling apart appears to have put a damper on it) and it wouldn't be unusual for someone to either try to take advantage of or get caught up in it.

  2. RG, you are entirely correct. I even meant to write that the story is either completely made up out of thin air or is the result of a young girl who made really REALLY bad choices and then tried to salvage something of her dignity, but either way she's lying. I just do feel really REALLY sorry for young people today, raised in a culture that glorifies the Kardasians and Hilton and so many who are famous for being sluts. I honestly believe it is tearing up people's souls.

    1. "I honestly believe it is tearing up people's souls."


    2. "Tearing up people's souls"

      Absolutely, and the truly sad thing is they can't see what they're doing to themselves..or don't want to see..

    3. The descent into hell that the sexual revolution and the feminist movement have taken us proves to me that there is nothing that you can't accustom people to, if you present it as the only acceptable way to behave in order to be thought cool or likeable. We have, over the last several decades, brought the fundamental relationship of men and women to the brink of total craziness. Margaret Mead once said that her study of anthropology proved one truism. That men look for someone to say yes, while women look for someone to say yes to. In other words, women are the guardians, the caretakers of the future. Well, we've destroyed that relationship by abandoning that role. Women USED to be the brake on men's natural sexual proclivities, pretty much forcing them to make emotional, sexual and economic commitments to the union in order to "get any." Now little girls are being conditioned to think that giving it out anywhere and at any time for any reason is liberating and fun. It is not. It is horrifying and degrading.

      I don't know for certain whether anything happened with Jackie or not, but I do know she is lying. My call is that yes, it happened. It's just that she didn't realize how shallow and vulgar she had made herself until it was too late to stop it. Then calling it rape, but never naming names, served notice on those boys to keep their mouths shut. She was trying to get out in front of the scandal. And now the whole thing has taken on a life of its own and she is in real danger of being exposed. Poor kid.

    4. Wait a minute...^^^^there is it. This is weird.

    5. It took a couple of generations but the effort to turn men and women into ersatz copies of each other is making society very unhealthy.

  3. Oh, and please continue to avoid Lena. I've heard enough about her to last a lifetime.

    Something Christmassy would be nice.

  4. Okay...I just wrote a LENGTHY reply to everyone's comments and my computer "ate" it in a crash. I don't have the time or the patience to write it all out again.

    Suffice it to say that I think our children are being chewed up by the sexual revolution, feminism and pacifism and liberalism. Especially our girls. Our boys aren't being properly civilized and our girls are being degraded and dehumanized. It's Lord of the Flies Does Dallas.

  5. You have hit on a pet peeve of mine. In every one of these cases involving
    a false allegation of rape, you could scratch the story and uncover a
    feminist angle except in the case of the Duke Lacrosse hoax. In that
    case, the poverty pimps were all over that one along with Gloria Alred.

    Starting with the McMartin witch hunt, (During which I was falsely
    accused by the same group of unqualified "Experts") I began to ponder
    how many genuine cases of child molestation were not being investigated
    because of the hysteria generated by a radical feminist author with no
    experience in psychology whatsoever.

    This is why I am going to defend Bill Cosby at least until one single shred
    of evidence is produced. People are being asked to believe that it is
    normal for women wait for up to 45 years to report that they were
    drugged and raped by a sex fiend. Even 45 years ago, being raped
    by an A-list celebrity was a big deal, and would likely end up with a
    multimillion dollar civil judgment, in addition to the criminal charges.

    Some of the best Questions I get are the ones I ask myself. My second
    question was why would an A-list celebrity need to drug women? A trip
    to the hotel bar and he could get all the women he wanted.

    The one that caused my antenna to stick up was the one who claimed
    she was raped at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15. Does anyone
    really believe that Hugh Heffner would risk his publishing empire worth
    hundreds of million of millions of dollars by allowing jail bait on the
    premises, to say nothing about allowing his models to be raped?
    And that does not even begin to cover the criminal charges Heffer
    would face!

    This stinks to high heaven! This is certain to result in extortion charges
    against one of the accusers already. Gloria Alred is representing a
    number of the "Victims," which led to another question: Has any
    "victim" ever represented by Gloria the media whore EVER been found
    to have been telling the truth?

    Speaking of extortion, there are already demand that Cosby put up 100
    million dollars as a payoff for the accusers. Who do they think they
    are Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? If I see a few more cases like this,
    I should have the confidence to proclaim that this a new tactic by the
    radical left. It may be that Cosby's conservative views may have brought
    this upon him.

    1. You make an excellent point. On that same topic, where are all the blond women who bravely -- COURAGEOUSLY -- stepped forward to destroy Herman Cain with charges of rape? Once his political ambitions were utterly decimated, they disappeared. Did you hear of even ONE actually pursuing charges with a lawsuit and a trial? Any convictions? Or did all the accusations just quietly go away when Cain withdrew? Hmmmmm..... I do believe that Cosby's views on black poverty and black family's and the dysfunctional behaviors in the black culture caused him to be targeted. And how much easier can it possibly get than to accuse a man of something that happened decades ago? How are you going to defend against that?

      Someone on Twitter said something brilliant about this whole thing. He wrote, "I guess this means that Atticus Finch is now the bad guy."

    2. Sadly, nobody educated in the last 30 years even knows who
      Atticus Finch is. This tactic started with Clarence Thomas,
      but in his case he fought back. If this is now becoming a
      standard tactic by the left, I think it will ultimately fail because
      after you do this 20 times and nothing is ever proven, even the
      "Gruberized" voters will catch on that it is BS.
      PS I LOVE Herman Cain. His resume was awesome! How
      many presidential candidates could claim to be a mathematician,
      rocket scientist, computer scientist and one of the greatest venture
      capitalists and business turn-around specialists in America?