Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bored and filled with ennui...I attempt to understand the meaning of life but fall pitifully short.

Every so often, from a combination of boredom, fatigue over the relentless disappointments in the world of politics filled with potentates (Obama), pussies (Boehner) and poseurs (Rand), and (more frankly) as an envious descent into territory of actually HUMOROUS writing, I pop over to Timothy McSweeney's Internet Dependency and get lost poking around. This article caught my attention because, as you have probably deduced after these few years, I have little to no regard for modern philosophy, feeling it is seldom nothing more than the confusing ramblings of an overly bright, overly educated, overly needy, overly melancholy, overly insulated, overly narcissistic boor.

So when I came across this essay:

Why You Should Not Have Broken Up With Me, According to Various Critical Theories.



...I could not have been more delighted. Author Tommy Wallach covers a wide swath of philosophical territory, but the best was his assessment of the merits of Marxism and how it showed conclusively that his girlfriend, an Occupy activist, should not have dumped him. She obviously wasn't living up to her values. And leftists call conservatives hypocrites.


Marx believed that the arc of history bends inevitably towards a more equitable distribution of the means of production, but that the battle for socialism would be a long one. I’m confident he would agree that my current financial straits are an inevitable result of the current socioeconomic moment, rather than “a permanent shitstorm born out of sheer laziness,” as you described it in your letter. In spite of your attending that Occupy rally last year, which I missed because I was hung over from drinking too much at your work party (you’re welcome for supporting you, BTW), you seem to have forgotten the socialist credo: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” If you were ever incapable of making rent on your own, I certainly would have been willing to get a job in order to help out. But you always insisted on focusing on the negative; you had no trouble criticizing me when I couldn’t pay for dinner, but you never thanked me for going to the trouble of ordering it in the first place.

This poor soul is exactly right. He was only living up to the high ideals of communism, and he needed her to do the same.

Selfish little 1%er.

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