Saturday, December 6, 2014

More internet silliness...and more wine. LOTS more wine.

I love the blog, 27b/6, and have probably read every single essay by David Thorne, but still visit periodically to refresh the funny. My favorite of all time is:


I even love that the url for the blog post reads... HALOGEN! HAHAHAHA! Okay...I've had a few sips of wine and I'm starting to find lots of things funny.

Our story opens with David admitting that he basically never gets along with his neighbors...not in Australia and not in the United States. This is not an immediate indictment. I've only gotten along with one couple in my entire life, and they moved. Such is my luck. Currently we have neighbors bordering us on three sides and each one has an idiot dog (or dogs) that attack the fences, bark incessantly, and make me dream of baking cyanide bones. I love animals, but I can't stand animals who are allowed to be constant annoyances to everyone within a three mile distance. And since I can't even IMAGINE poisoning the stupid neighbors, who are the real culprits, I fantasize about offing the YAP! YAP! YAP! SNARL! GROWL! BARK! BARK! BARK! GRRRR! with a little treat.

Okay...not seriously. And not often. Certainly not more than once a day.

So anyhow, David admits neighbor-relations have been troublesome for him. From there it gets hilarious.

Really hilarious. I would laugh even WITHOUT the wine.

Not if he does it every fucking time.


  1. I've read that before. I still laugh.

    I've not been here for a bit, since I've been busy dealing with an a&&h@@e over at Hogwash and Thinkingmanszombie. Apparently someone sent this perennial pain in the tuchus a tub of horse poop from an outfit called, I kid you not, Shitexpress, located in Slovenia. ($17 via Paypal or Bitcoin) Apparently according to him, this is a major federal crime, and all of us who have been laughing at his massive overreaction and butthurt are either the criminal (he's on his third suspect in just over a week) or we know who said suspect is, and we're going to have the feds *and* the postal inspectors showing up to arrest us, charge us, prosecute us, and jail us for serious federal crimes, which will also make the local news and ruin our reputations. He even sent me two threatening letters. Which reminds me, *I* need to call the feds since I think that sending emails across state lines in an attempt to commit coercion/extortion/blackmail *is* a federal crime. Sadly my state does not allow for restraining orders against non-family/intimate partners unless they've been charged with another crime. Otherwise he'd be on his fifth active order in four states instead of just four in three. As you can tell he's a real winner.

    1. WOW. You've been busy. I have to say that I've never had a troll here. One guy snidely tried to point out that I must be pretty stupid if I didn't know that stupid actually had six letter and RG jumped on him to point out it was a he/she went away. But THREATS!?!?!?! Wow. Stay safe. But those types are almost (of course ALMOST is where the trouble lies...) almost always harmless.