Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Difference Between Men and Women

Over at Ace of Spades Headquarters, Ace has posted about a study done on ideal body types, as they appeal to actual men and women...or to the men and women asked in the study, at least. What makes the findings interesting is that they asked both men and women to give their ideal types for each gender, so we get to wrassle around with what men think is attractive in other men and what women think is attractive in other women, as well as the obvious question of what men find attractive in women and women, men.

Here's the chart, for your edification.

For my money both the men and women got it right on the guy. If I'm choosing between Jackman or Gosling, the answer is, "Yes."

Even Ace understands that a hard body is attractive to women, if that's all we're judging. Pretty straightforward. Jackman might be a little beefier, but it's a tight race, so to speak. So yeah. Fit and muscled is a turn on. You can pick around the edges about body hair, color of eyes, smile, yadayadayada...but fit is going to win every time. Remember we are talking superficial, don't know a thing about them, just eye candy judging here. But my answer for either man is definitely a, "Yes, please."

The other half of the study is where things get interesting. Here they asked men and women what the ideal body type was for women, and there was a decided gap between what each gender appreciated in women. Much is being made of this difference over in the comments at AoSHQ.

Here is my insightful analysis. And you can take this to the bank.

Women look at Kate Upton and see a very young thing with what I call "significant fat potential". Okay, because she has a crazy amount of money, she might be able to win the battle against her own genes, but it will be a battle. For her entire life. There is no amount of money in the world that will change her tendency to develop the chubs. So any woman looking at that can see she's sexy as hell right now, but when we think of perfect body types, we want a body that looks like maintaining it -- in other words keeping the weight off -- is relatively easy due to genes, metabolism, etc.  She's a doll now, all soft, curvy, bouncy excess....but in a few years, especially with a pregnancy or two, she'll be a size 16 with no waist and sagging tits. Mark my words. 

THAT is not perfection for women.

Kate Upton is going to look like Rosemary Clooney by the time she's 50. That is the end game, fellas.

But I don't imagine this study asked men what would be their ideal FOREVER...even if it did, men have a charming way of thinking a sweet young thing will never change.

HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah...okay...

Women, on the other hand, look at body types and yearn for one that allows them to eat whatever they want, wear whatever they want, and look fabulous as they age...NO SAGGING. This is the dream.

So Cameron Diaz, even though I think she is an idiot twit with hair that has more life than her brain, would definitely be my pick over Kate Upton. Not even a close decision.

That's going to hold up, guys. Nicely.

To prove my point, here is Cameron at 42.

THAT is why women think of someone like Cameron, naturally slim and athletic, as the ideal body type.

We aren't jealous of big tits, as many suggested over as AoSHQ. We just know what it takes to stay in some kind of decent shape as the years tug and pull...and it ain't pretty, easy, or fun.

The. End.


  1. I don't know a current equivalent but... Sophia Loren. There's curvy with serious staying power.

    1. Sophia is spectacular. But I would bet you my last dollar that she has had to watch her weight for most of her life. That's my point. It's not that you CAN'T keep the weight off -- Kate may win the battle and look great for her whole life -- but it will be waaaaaaaay more difficult and constant than someone with a naturally leaner body.

  2. To be honest, Upton doesn't look like she's really got a waist now. Back in my pre-baby, skinny days I had a 25" waist and 40" hips. Even if I ever succeed in getting back down to that weight, I'll never have a waist below about 30" again, thanks to spread ribs, but I'll still have more curve than she does. As it is now, I finally understand my grandmother's adherence to the wearing of a corselette.

    1. God, you are brilliant, woman! That's is EXACTLY what I was talking about with the "serious fat potential" going on. She already doesn't have a waist. The poor girl will struggle from 30 years of age to the day she dies. She is gorgeous, no question, but why would any woman sign up for that kind of struggle when picking an ideal type?

  3. I distinctly recall Cameron Diaz looking a lot like Kate Upton when she was in "The Mask"

    1. Well...they're both blonde. And don't seem terribly bright. Other than that, I can't comment since I never saw the movie, "Mask." ;)

    2. And, WELCOME, Chris. I don' believe we've seen you here before. Merry Christmas!!

  4. So, if a man says he likes a slender/athletic woman we are berated because "real women have curves" and if we say we like a woman who is sorta pudgy we get a femsplanation about how slim is better.

    Then women get all mad when we say you are irrational.

    1. HAHAHAHA! You are starting from the position that you can have a preference and not piss off the ones who don't match that preference. Find your nirvana, stick with it, and let the fat or skinny ones have their hissy fit.