Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse in 3...2...1

So I'm back from Kauai, suntanned and water-logged from too much surf and waaaaaaay too many Mai Tai's, and the zombie apocalypse has begun.

Liberia: Dead Ebola Patients Resurrect?

Two Ebola patients, who died of the virus in separate communities in Nimba County have reportedly resurrected in the county. The victims, both females, believed to be in their 60s and 40s respectively, died of the Ebola virus recently in Hope Village Community and the Catholic Community in Ganta, Nimba.

And here I was thinking the End Times would start without me.


  1. Zombies. Why did it have to be zombies?

    1. HAHAHAHA! Infected zombies! YEAH!

      But the best thing is that zombies are slow, stumbling, and stupid. So we can outsmart and/or outrun them. But I'm gonna start making silver bullets...oh damn! that's for werewolves.

  2. We go in shooting. I got your back. Besides, with Clooney married, you got nothing to lose now!

  3. Remain calm everybody. Studies show zombification is a rare complication. Relatively rare. CALM, I SAID! REMAIN CALM!