Thursday, September 25, 2014

Boots on the Ground

Airstrikes aren't doing jack shit over in Iraq, perhaps by design, and now many are insisting that the only way to push back ISIS is with "boots on the ground."

But I remember another militaristic, brutal regime that promised to fight to the last man...and then said, "Uncle."


So...I beg to differ.


  1. It is a shame to just let them sit around gathering dust.

    1. I know...right? We've got all those lovely, lovely bombs. It wouldn't take more than a few...five at the most. And then everyone (left) would learn to play nice.

  2. We'll have to go to the fireworks makers for the chemical to mix in that produces the green color. Then they'll fit in with the rest of our warmaking.

    1. I saw that. I keep Ace of Spades open ALL DAY.

      And I give up. I really, really do....sigh....

    2. It's definitely disheartening that they don't seem to be able to take even a war seriously. Makes it look like it'll wind up just being another political maneuver to stop O's slide in the polls.

  3. Said in a similar way at Smalldeadanimals:

    I keep hearing it said that air power alone can't stop ISIS.
    I don't hear it spoken in Japanese.

    Ask anyone who survived in Nagoya, Tokyo, Berlin and Dresden as well!
    The problem is that liberals like Obama lack the will to apply that kind
    of power, even conventional. We are in WWII, and we will lose if we
    do not employ WWII rules of engagement. The other side is playing
    chess and Obonzo is playing marbles because it's the only game
    he ever learned.

    1. Marbles! HAHAHA! The game OTHER THAN GOLF!

      And I love Small Dead Animals. Great blog.