Saturday, April 26, 2014

Running and Jumping

Rolex is running this weekend in Lexington, KY. Of course I am not in Lexington, KY, but safe at home overseeing horse, dog, cat, kid, and homestead. Farm Boy (hubby) is there, sending me reports on all the goings on.

Here's a quick snapshot of a coffin fence on the course today. No surprise why they call it a coffin! You do NOT want to die in that hole.

Photo: Erin Keating

Never look down when you approach a fence. Never. EVER. Look up and forward, where you want to go. The horse will feel your eyes. And your commitment. Honest. There is probably no other experience where you are as tuned into another living being as cross country, so that you move together as one without thought or hesitation -- except sex. Good sex. Great sex. Cross country is like great sex. At the end you are exhausted, sweaty, shaking, out of breath and exhilarated. Spent but victorious.

Here is a video of the sport back in the day when I was a young rider. These were my heroes. The elite in the sport.

The sport was different then, too. Much more a test of fitness, preparation and endurance. Cross country has been shortened in today's sport, to spare the horses. I honestly don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. I It happens.

But even shortened, those fences don't come down and the horses are still 1200 lbs and they are still traveling at over 20 miles per hour. And it is still some kick ass fun.

Kick ON!


  1. I never had much time to ride, so most of my days with horses were in their care and feeding.

    Still, I had moments, when the horse could sense my intentions and the ride was something more than just riding on a beast of burden.

    1. Yes. For some reason cross country really unites the horse and rider, unlike dressage or even show jumping. In both other disciplines, there is too much constant adjustment and it all happens so fast, but on the cross country course, despite the speed of the gallop, the overall sense is one of flow and rhythm and silky-smooth movement. It's a kick and totally addicting.

  2. Do I need to send you *that* pic again? heh.

  3. The one with the horse nose? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I've seen it too many times already. And you know what I mean.....