Monday, January 20, 2014

So, two lesbians go into a bakery....

This story begins like a bad joke. But it ends DELICIOUSLY!

And in case you didn't notice the website, it's Americans Against the Tea Party. (Why is the left always AGAINST things? They need to take anger management class.)

Virginia Bakery Leaves Homophobic Message on Lesbians’ Anniversary Cake

When Sarah, a Washington, D.C. resident, wanted to do something special for her significant other on their anniversary, she stopped by a bakery near her workplace in Arlington, VA. to order a cake with which to celebrate the event.
This is what she picked up days later. I think they nailed it. Particularly because Sarah expressly asked them to leave off the balloons. OOPSIE!

Adding insult to injury, the cake order was for carrot cake, the girlfriend's favorite. The bakery made it chocolate.

This is priceless. This is perfection. This is sweet, sweet, sweeeeeeeeeeeeet revenge.

When you have businesses closing their doors, or being hauled into court, for the crime of refusing to participate -- WITH BEAMING SMILES ON THEIR FACES -- in the celebration of homosexual behavior, then this response to the insanity is sheer brilliance. Genius.

Bake the cake. Make it awful. Apologize and give them back their money. How can someone sue a bakery for being poorly managed? They took the order. They didn't refuse their business. Things just didn't turn out that well. They got the order wrong. Oh well...

"What difference, at this point, does it make?" (I just threw that in there!)

Besides, these were lesbians. Couldn't they just bake their own cake? Or is that question sexist as well as being homophobic.

Wait...I don't care.


  1. ...and the horse they rode in on.

  2. That's a hate message? It's an accurate description, they're a lesbian couple who wanted an anniversary cake without balloons. Looks more like a note to scrape off the icing and redo it to match the order. Assuming the whole story isn't just an invention, lefties do tend to have a desperate need for validation through victimhood.

  3. Bahahaha! Priceless..

  4. And of course, if it was a bakery run by lesbians who specialized in cake decorating for LGBT occasions and a straight couple wanted a cake and got a similarly, shall we say, less-than-perfect cake, the same folks complaining about the bakery right now, would be complaining about how the hypothetical straight couple should just go find a different bakery who caters to "their kind".

  5. I did check a little if it was a hoax and found that it was also reported on the Huff Post, so OF COURSE that satisfied my journalistic standards! HA!

    And, that is exactly what would happen, Library-Gryffon. There would be NO sympathy at all if a straight couple used a gay bakery and got a mess. There would be contemptuous laughter. What did they expect? HAHAHAHA! Would be the only response.

    For the record, I don't care about anyone else's sexual preferences, habits, turn ons, fantasies --- wait, yes I do. Children are off limits. And animals are a little icky, but that one guy who liked stallions died, so that probably won't become a trend.

    I am just sick to DEATH of watching people be forced not to tolerate but to CELEBRATE behavior that they find offensive. In a free society it is all right to be offended. In fact, if you can't be and then quietly refuse to participate or associate, then You. Are. Not. Free. Check the First Amendment -- speech and association are right in there. But ever since both were redefined as discrimination, they've been under attack. Now we see how incredibly insane it can all get.

    1. Yep, people should have freedom of association. If they don't want to do business with somebody, they shouldn't be forced to. Why would anybody even want to give their money to somebody who hates them? Except to prove they have the power to bend them to their will.

      The left just never stops on anything and I'm sick of all of it. They keep pushing until they go over the top and then things start going downhill, but they still won't stop.

  6. This. Is. The. Best.

    I want to send these people money so they can buy a cream pie and jam it in the next gay couple's face, a la Anita Bryant.

    1. Let me know the address. I'll send money, too.

    2. Hmmmm.... talking 'bout creampie and the gay/lesbian things, suddenly it remind me of my ex lesbian lover. When we making love, it takes all day long (or all night long) after both of us get so many / multiple orgasms.

      Honestly, I'm a bisexual, but I enjoy more sex with my female lesbian partner, instead of male. I rarely having orgasm by having sex with any man that I'd got fucked with. But with women, I almost always having multiple orgasms (not only just an orgasm), and that was really fun!!