Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deadly Science

No. I'm not referring to the global warming that is currently immobilizing the entire eastern United States in record-breaking freezing temperatures.

I am referring to this clumsy little bit of SCIENCE!

World's Oldest Animal, 507-Year-Old Clam, Discovered And Killed


At least he/she died in the name of SCIENCE! That's some comfort.

Anybody have some melted butter?


  1. Reminds me of the Counting Pines from a Terry Pratchett novel. They got rather upset about people coming into the forest to chop them down. Figuring that humans determined a tree's age by counting the rings, they decided this was the reason for all the tree chopping. So, in a brilliant bit of rapid evolution they developed the ability to grow the numbers for their precise age on their trunks. They were then virtually wiped out by the custom house number-plate industry.

    1. Wickedly funny! The moral of the story here: there's no cheating death. Subtitle: And it's usually some asshole's fault.


    2. His Discworld books have a lot of small asides like that in them. Funny but with some social commentary. That's from Reaper Man. Maybe I'll reread that one, it's been a while. I usually read Hogfather at Christmastime but I didn't get to it this year.

    3. I read virtually NO fiction anymore. And never did read much science fiction or fantasy. If I'm reading anything other than politics now, it's cook books, gardening design or interior design. Politics exhaust me, so cooking and making things beautiful are my escapes from harsh reality.

    4. Mmmmmm. Clams.

      They had to kill the clam in order to save it.

    5. HA! Sorta like the passing laws so we can find out what's in them.