Sunday, August 25, 2013


Texas is my new favorite state. And not solely because Rachel is back home and taking Target by storm or daily hitting the drive through and emptying the taco bins at Taco Bell. No. Because of this headline:

Texas Rodeo to Feature Obama Clown

This is superb. This is stupendous.  This is Lone Star Mega-watt Brilliance.  This is Texas.

A Texas rodeo isn’t shying away from controversy — instead, they are doing the opposite and promoting an appearance of a rodeo clown wearing a mask of President Obama this weekend.

“You’ve heard about the controversy surrounding the Obama clown in Missouri,” read an announcement from the Mesquite Rodeo, according to the Dallas Observer.

“This weekend, an Obama clown is a special guest star as the Mesquie Rodeo puts on the grand finale to its 2013 season with non-stop action you will only find in the aptly named ‘Rodeo Capital of Texas,’” the announcement added.

As TheBlaze previously reported, an appearance of an Obama rodeo clown at a Missouri rodeo made national news in August, ultimately resulting in the rodeo clown being fired and banned for life from the fair.

The only appropriate response by free citizens to a priggishly hypersensitive president like Obama is to put him in his place. And it ain't on a pedestal, that's for damn sure.

One of the most effective weapons a citizenry has to maintain a proper relationship between the concentration of power in the hands of our elected officials and the diffusion of power amongst the people is ridicule and satire. Mockery. Without it our president might believe he is some kind of god. Above the people. Privileged in a way that does not require humility or gratitude, but only serves to prove his distinct superiority.

And that would be bad.

So we mock. And we laugh. And we criticize. And we make fun.

Of course this makes us racists.

Oh well.

Oh f*&king well.

And that's what Texas is saying to our Most Beloved President Peace Prize.

"Oh f*&king well, padre."

And they are also making Missouri look like a bunch of damn cowards and kiss-asses. Good. They are.

The only real weapons the left ever has are accusations and contempt. They silence through shame and the threat of ostracism. For good people who truly do have good intentions, this is highly effective. It has served to advance the agenda of the left virtually without opposition for decades.

It's time for push back. And we need to shove so hard that they land in the dirt.

Texas just did that and I love her for it.


  1. Good on Texas! *fistpump*

  2. Go Texas rodeo!

    That Missouri rodeo clown is probably good at his job. I guess they found the contrast between a competent somebody who looks like Obama and the real one unbearable.

  3. I feel like going out and buying a dozen yellow roses!

    Texas does have a special place in my heart since I used to work for Braniff, which had its headquarters in Dallas and was considered the "oilman's airline". Braniff was frankly and unapologetically chauvinistic (in a good way, IMHO)...they thought flight attendants should still be pretty and young when everyone else was moving toward the "feminist view", i.e., flight attendants who looked like the ladies serving coffee at your local diner and who intended to stay on until retirement, aging badly in all that dry air and gaining weight from eating out all the time. HAHAHA! Oh well...I don't think it was so bad when we, as a society, valued being pretty, at least in certain areas. Now even suggesting such a thing gets you run out of town on a rail....

    Oh well... ;)

  4. "...our president might believe he is some kind of god. Above the people. Privileged in a way that does not require humility or gratitude, but only serves to prove his distinct superiority."
    He already feels this way, Buttercup. Unfortunately our news media, instead of doing their job of informing the public about any corruption on the part of this politician, or anyone in his party, have done their best to reinforce this belief on his part.

    1. You're right. The media are spilling gallons of "ink" to protect our President Precious. Because they aren't just protecting him, they are protecting a world view that appears on the tipping point of power here in the US and they can NOT allow anyone to stop their ascendency to power.

  5. You gotta come to Texas, dear. DO IT. In the wintertime, of course. Hahaha!