Saturday, August 31, 2013

Eating out the middle.

Interesting statistic: The Democratic Party is now made up of two principle factions: the poorest among us...and the richest.


This, of course, leads to the deductive conclusion that the Republican party is increasingly made up primarily from the middle...'cause what's left?

Anywho...what do the poorest and the richest have in common when supporting Democratic policies?


Neither group CARES about higher taxes.

The poorest don't pay them...they only receive the benefits of government largess. Remember, 50% of the people in this country do not pay income tax presently. If it costs you nothing to support more free you gonna vote?

The richest can afford another 5% or whatever. Think an increase in taxes will affect Bill Gates? Not bloody likely.

But the middle class? The small business owner trying to keep afloat with ever increasing taxes on a small margin of profit? The guy trying to maintain payroll for the men and women he knows personally...probably has over for dinner...who goes to their kids' school plays...? Another 5% or 8% can mean the difference between keeping your staff and laying them off. Between staying afloat and going under.

We are constantly asked by our politicians to judge with righteous indignation the relatively few large corporations as greedy and opportunistic, and some undoubtedly are...but remember, more than 68% (in good times) and an astonishing 80% (historically in bad times) of the people in this country get their jobs from SMALL BUSINESSES...NOT these evil big bad corporations. And the kicker is that all the while these corporations are paraded before us as the destroyers of America, it is THEY who have the power through lobbyists and political contributions to help shape the policies that are touted as bringing them under control! Not small business. So while we get whipped into a frenzy and demand that "something be done" about a few corporations which are actually in on the game, sleeping with politicians for political and economic favor, it is the middle class and the small business owner that inevitably get squeezed and squeezed.


  1. They claim to hate the giant corporations or at least to love the small businessman. Bull, they much prefer a few large corporations. Much easier to control a few than a lot of small independents. And of course the giant corporations can afford a lot of vig.

    Guys like Buffett call for higher taxes, knowing full well that they can pay to have escape clauses built into the tax code. So they get the good PR of publicly calling for higher taxes on the wealthy when privately they'll never actually pay them anyway.