Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All funned out.

I find myself in the curious position of feeling apologetic that I haven't been blogging, yet deeply embarrassed by my apparent belief that anyone cares enough that I should actually need to apologize.

"Sooooo sorry I haven't been around, everybody."

"Really? We hadn't noticed."


It is to laugh.

Honestly, life in my neck of the woods has gone just a little nuts and trying to stay abreast of how insane the rest of the world is going at the same time has proven overwhelming. Let's do a little rundown, shall we?

Benghazi...meh...a sideshow, really. "Just a bump in the road." Dead people always are.  And really, at this point, what does it matter? It happened a long time ago. Just a big "whatever."  Or more like, "Huh?...Ben who?"

The press is doing its job.

IRS scandal...the "Enemies List" turns out to BE the know...those bare-footed, overall-wearing, slack-jawed swirly-eyed, conspiracy-loving conservatives. problem. Move along...

AP scandal...Okay...what?...wait - just - a - minute...

Republican are pussies...if there is any wrongdoing...could be...maybe...might...Judge Jeanine Pirro is tired of all of them.

Noam Chomsky thinks Obama's a tyrant. I am in an alternate universe, aren't I?

I'm just waiting for the streams to cross and end everything as we know it to cease to exist.

Even Jon Stewart is beginning to understand just what this country is up against.

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But it's still really funny, see? So let's all laugh with supreme self-satisfaction at how smart we are even as we are forced to admit that maybe...just possibly...those idiot mouth-breathers ACTUALLY got one right. that we've had our little laugh, what did Bush do?

In the meantime, I've got my hat....

If this keeps up we'll be hearing that David Brooks has finally come to realize that the crease in President Precious' pants just isn't what it used to be or Paul Krugman will finally admit that there really IS a point where government can spend too much money. Okay...I know that last one will never happen. I was just throwing that out there. A little joke.

Honestly, the world is making me giggly, and a little silly. The best reason of all for why so many things are going so incredibly badly for Obama and his oh-so-smart administration is David Axelrod's. Apparently the government is too big for anyone to run without massive stupidity fucking things up everywhere. No kidding.

"The government is so vast."

This really did make me laugh out loud. Not with the soul-satisfying, regenerating, therapeutic laugh of real happiness or relief, but with the crazy, cackling bursting laughter of someone who just realized that the scaffold being built for their own execution isn't going to be strong enough to hold their weight.

But not to worry. The guards will have guns. They'll get the job done one way or another. Fun times.

The extra special giggle, though, comes when you remember that the agency Axelrod complains is simply too big for anyone to be able to know what they're doing or how well or even how LEGALLY they're doing it is going to get 16,000 more employees to administer your healthcare coverage.

Did I say fun times? I meant end times.



  1. those bare-footed, overall-wearing, slack-jawed swirly-eyed, conspiracy-loving conservatives.

    Damn, the electrical tape fell off my webcam again didn't it?

    They were just barely keeping the Benghazi story under control when up pops the IRS. Just when they need the media to pull harder than ever for them ... AP. All that work sliming Republicans on gun control, in hopes of regaining the House in 2014, shot to hell. No way he's going to be impeached but it could be enough to make him a lame duck for the rest of the term. If the stupid party doesn't manage to screw it up somehow. Now would be a good time to dump immigration "reform" and postpone Obamacare implementation while they concentrate on investigations of the administrative branch. There's probably enough dirt to keep them occupied for the next 3.5 years if they start looking.

    1. Yeah. At the VERY least this sort of stuff should give everyone pause about implementing Obamacare through the IRS. HELLOOOO?!!??!?!?! Can we stop now?

      But I'm afraid with Bubbling Boehner in charge, nothing of any significance will happen. His job is to make sure the coast is clear in the frat hallway while Obama fucks the nation.

  2. Yep, we're definitely in the bizzaro universe, where strong delusion rules and truth is kicked out the door without ceremony..

  3. Yes, my read on people who still support Obama and Obamacare and all the rest is that they simply have invested too much of their self-esteem and sense of being smarter, nicer and superior in having elected a black man, in being liberal, in believing in massive government, and in fighting against those who have been pointing out the problems with all that. Now that those problems are becoming obvious, they would rather double down and dig in than admit how wrong they've been.

    Pride goeth before the fall.