Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ice for your summer drink?

Global action!

This is in Minnesota - in the merry, merry month of May.
You know, sometimes I almost wish the left would be right about something once in a while just to make things seem more sporting. But when you go up against these losers, you don't have to be smart or informed or hardly breathing...all you have to do is disagree with them and you will be right.

Every time.


It's honestly a little creepy. How can an entire SCIENCE! based belief system possibly be wrong every single time? What are the odds? As the old joke goes, "Even a broken clock is right twice a day."

I guess these jokers are the equivalent of a broken digital clock. And the lights are off.

Oh...and it's getting colder....



  1. A couple of years ago the UK Met office was saying in the future Britain would be snow free. Ooops! Damn, science is hard, let's just make stuff up and hope nobody notices.

    1. As long as you keep your audience dumber than you, that idea works. That's what the public educational system is for - making scientists who make shit up seem smart.

  2. I've found in arguing with the greenies that some of them are well educated and quite intelligent BUT the belief system concerning global warming is exactly like a religion. Therefore more often than not they're not open to logic or facts. They are not willing to be grown up and examine the actual facts on the matter. It's more about feelings than inconvenient facts. Being 'green' allows them to feel like they're doing something to 'save the planet' - it makes them feel good.

    That's been my experience anyhow.

    1. The greenies I know are mostly highly educated,too, but none of them are really very intelligent. There is a difference. And you're is a religion with them. All of leftism is a religion. And it. must. not. be. questioned. If you do question it, then you are obviously of Satan and are dismissed as a heretic. Nice and safe. No need to think. Just believe. And since you believe in SCIENCE! instead of God, you are above the stupid people of faith. Heck, you're even above the other scientists who disagree with you because they are all obviously in the employ of BIG OIL. It's all so beautifully explained in their world.

  3. That is liberalism in a nutshell though, isn't it Morris?

    Liberals believe in gun control, it makes them FEEL safer because they don't own a gun so it just makes sense to them that if no one legally does, there wil be less gun violence. And that is true if you only look at it from your own perspective.
    Liberals believe in big Gov't, because they feel incapable of running their life and it makes them FEEL better to think an expert is running it for them. That one covers a lot too, because the Gov't is full of 'experts' that know more about pretty much everything. Most liberals want a 'professional' politician because they are experts in politics.
    Pick an issue and FEELING better or more secure is at the root of the lib position.
    FEELING better is more important than freedom. In most cases liberals do prefer safety to freedom. Freedom is a road fraught with perils and in cities where liberals thrive, the streets literally are more dangerous.
    Add to that that schools teach no reliance today, only dependence on some sort of expert, and it is obvious where this particular groupthink comes from.