Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cats ARE assholes.

On her blog, Rachel Lucas used to have a category entitled "Cats and Other Assholes."

She was right. Cats ARE assholes.

Honestly, the owner taking the video should have known.


  1. Hahaha! The Cartman of cats. "Whateva, I do what I want!"

    1. Is the expression on that cat PRICELESS??? HAHAHAHA! But the stupid owner should have KNOWN that her cat wasn't going to stop...if she really didn't want him to do that, she should have moved faster!

    2. Yep, telling a cat not to do something is a guarantee it *will*.

      Cats are definitely assholes - lovable assholes but assholes nevertheless :P

    3. I know...right? She says, "NO!" but doesn't do anything except hope for compliance. From a CAT??? Not bloody likely.

  2. I don't even like cats, but it was rescue the feral kitten from a paper mill
    or watch him die from intestinal parasites or be squashed by a forklift.
    The horny feral asshole has left my arms scarred just from playing
    with me. The big one on my right forearm (4" long) was his way of
    saying "Asshole, you know I don't like being picked up!"

    The neurotic little bastard is afraid to go outdoors so his chances of
    getting a little are zero percent. The few times I attempted to stuff
    him into a pet carrier were a miserable failure, so getting him to
    the vet to get snipped is out of the question. But I know he loves
    me because he tells me so by playing Barry White music in his
    head and trying to play a game of romancing the arm.

    If you think domestics are bad, try a feral!

    1. THAT was a FABULOUS story!

      Years ago we lived on the headlands, right on the ocean and in the middle of open fields...in Half Moon Bay. Well, that seemed to be the place that every idiot dropped off their cats...all intact...and for some crazy reason known only to the universe, they all ended up at our house. I drove up to our house one day and counted 21 cats! They were on the roof...on the fence...in the yard...in the trees...it was INSANE! So we started trapping them, one by one, and neutering them. We got all but one really smart mamma cat...she eluded us for two more batches of kittens. Don't know WHO she was screwing because we'd neutered all the males, but she found some tom. FINALLY we got them all. It was a nightmare. Farm Boy actually had to go to a specialist, fearing the need to hand surgery after a nasty bite trying to handle one of them.