Friday, December 20, 2013

Obama's Christmas Letter to America

I never got around to Christmas cards this year. To be honest, I haven't gotten around to Christmas cards for years now. Christmas cards, when they are needed, are merely an indication that you haven't talked with that person ALL YEAR! So what's up with that?

When I was younger, before the age of cell phones, SnapChat, emails and Skype, Christmas cards were one of the most important things you did. We would carefully write a letter to include with each one, describing -- in detail -- all the events and happenings in our family over the preceding 12 months. Now everyone lives in the present moment and events are broadcast on Facebook or Instagram while they are happening. Christmas cards are nothing more than a recap.

The problem with all this excuse-making is that I DEARLY LOVE receiving them. I realize that makes for a tiny contradiction in my logic. Maybe I just need to admit that I'm too damned lazy and that I feel terrible about it but I am obviously SOOOOO lazy that I will continue to do nothing about it. Feeling crappy about NOT doing something still leaves you with the reward of not having done that thing. Life is full of tradeoffs.

Anyway, our remarkable President Peevish found the time to write us all a Christmas letter...or holiday letter more likely. Is it racist or intolerant or homophobic to celebrate Christmas instead of just "the holidays?" I forget which it is. Maybe it's all three. Might want to ask Phil Robertson.

But, whether it's a Christmas letter or a holiday letter, it was lovely of him to take the time, don't you think? 

Wasn't that nice? Now I feel even worse.

H/T: Best of Cain


  1. I'd like that, not to hear anything from or about him until Christmastime next year. Then just a short note about how after another 150 rounds of golf he's gotten his score down to only 30 over par and all the awesome vacations he took.

    1. I have to keep my references to Obama to a minimum during this holiday season because I so hate him. It's not good for my soul.

      But if all I ever heard about his was his vacation and golf schedule, I'd be THRILLED!

  2. The only part of me that has any sympathy for him or his family is for his two daughters. He and the First Wookie are going to convince those kids that they're somehow special and the rules don't apply to them. They're going to end up very unhappy young ladies in a very few years.

    1. Well, they certainly won't grow up believing in the values that you and I do, but I think they will do very, very well for themselves, sitting, as they do, on the top of the heap as Obama consolidates governmental power over this entire country. They will never have to consider any other reality except the one in which they are protected, spoiled, privileged little princesses.