Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Christmas List

I know it is rather late to be writing out my Christmas list, but it is exceedingly simple...and the same every year...so, honestly, should I even HAVE to write it down? I mean, how hard can it be after all these years?

WAIT!!! Maybe it is wise to write it down every single freaking Christmas. I definitely don't want any confusion and end up with elephant stuff instead.

He was a little sticky at the first vertical, but did you see how he rode through that triple combination? Perfect striding.


  1. Merry Christmas. May your back stop hurting and your rides be long, peaceful escapes.

  2. Happy Christmas, Buttercup! :)

    May your Christmas be pain free, and be surrounded by beloved family and friends.

    A Happy Christmas to all the usual suspects who comment here, as well. Be well.

  3. ...and if you consider that 2014 will be a Year of Green Horse...that's right!

    Happy New Year, Buttercup

  4. [didn't do preview; just re-read my comment]

    so there is no confusion: I don't believe in astrology, Chinese in particular. But a Horse is a Horse, and her year is coming!

  5. Yes, astrology is farfetched, but then the Chinese really took it out in the weeds. At least astrology is supposed to be about planetary influences so it is based on the planets. Chinese astrology is based of freaking animals. I have no interest in believing I am influenced by their traits.

    But the Year of the Horse is still cool. Just because.