Tuesday, July 26, 2016

When we banned bossy, did we ban bitchy, too?

This whole post is late. I found it in my draft file, but it is still relevant because Ms. Hill has managed to weather the storm of committing obvious felonies, perjuries, and incompetent disasters in full view of at least 1/2 the country's open-mouthed astonishment.

Sooooo....even though this post was written ages ago, it's still relevant because Hill is still a bitch...and when Hill's in the room, youse just gots to have sum bitchy.

If you've been on the internet at all today, you've already heard this exchange between the lovely Hillary and the equally lovely Terry Gross of NPR. If you can't bear to listen to it again, I completely understand. If you haven't heard it, but still aren't keen on listening to Hillary get her bitch on when asked a direct question, then let me offer you a paraphrased transcript.

Ms. Gross was asking Hillary about her stance on gay marriage, noting that Hillary at one time, was against it; even her husband, Bill Clinton, signed into law the DOMA. So what gives? Were you for it then, but given the political climate, couldn't SAY that? Or are you still against it, but given the political climate, can't say that now?

Which is it, Hill, old girl?

I have graciously paraphrased her response:

"I was against gay marriage without ever being against it because if I was against it in the past, then my new support for it would be seen as politically motivated and my high-minded expansive view of human rights is never politically motivated, but always a reflection of the purest of motives, so when I was against it, I was never really against it even though I didn't change my mind because the political winds changed...I was never against it when I was, but I wasn't lying then either."


You're welcome.


  1. That paraphrase sounds almost more intelligent and sane than her usual drivel. My parents, in particular my father, are supporting her, presumably because she has a (D) after her name. Dad is a thorough misogynist, and thinks women aren't as smart as men, so it's rather funny listening to him defending her as a worthwhile political candidate.

    (Yes, daddy explains all my psych issues; he spent our childhoods telling me and my sisters that we were his children and therefore better and smarter than anyone else while as women we would never be as good or smart as a man. And he wonders why we are confused or uncertain on occasion./snort)

    Good to see that you are still with us!

  2. She's still alive! ( Buttercup, that is :P )

    Thanks for the paraphrase - that made it clear as mud... heh