Friday, November 14, 2014

I should be nicer to those who have experienced tragedy.

But I won't. I rarely do what I should, anyway.


  1. Besides seeing Ann Coulter routinely giving Alan Colmes a rhetorical ass-
    whipping, William Bennett absolutely nailed him to a wall on the old
    Hannity and Colmes show! He said "Why is it that whenever x happens,
    liberals are reduced to paroxysms of obliquey?"

    Colmes hollered"Someone get me a dictionary, I think I've been insulted!"

    Unlike Slow Joe Biden, Colmes seems to be a man who knows his limitations.

    1. Yes, over the years I have been amused more than once by Colmes, and he does seem to be a fairly decent sort who is just really, really wrong on everything. But the pathetic attempts of liberals like him to REFUSE to acknowledge how fucked up everything is that they have stuffed down our throats is enough to make me want to hit DEFCON 1 and start blowing silos.